4 Steps To a Healthy Lifestyle in Monsoon

A lot of people are quick to tell you that its harmful to workout during the Monsoon season, but they won’t really give you a good reason why? True, monsoons in Pakistan bring their own joy but not only is it too humid but people get lazy and sick often. However, the key thing to do during this season is to eat well and stay active. Here are 5 steps that can help you stay healthy.



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Water is probably the most important thing during this season. You need to stay hydrated the whole day. Not drinking enough water is one of the main reasons we feel lazy. A cup in the morning can help your mind wake up and get everything in your body moving and flowing.







  1. Go crazy on the right fruits and vegetables
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I KNOW I KNOW, its hard to resist mangoes but Mangoes in a large quantity aren’t too good                                                       for your body. Instead, trying eat fruits with a lot of water content such as watermelons, all kinds of berries, plums etc and same goes for vegetables, going for the green watery ones especially such as cucumbers, lettuce leaves and broccoli. Not only will they keep you hydrated but also up and running.




  1. Exercise
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You don’t have to hit the gym every day! Sprinting a few minutes, yoga or even playing a sport will keep you in a good shape. If you have a busy schedule, just give it a few minutes. Since it’s really hot, gym sessions are a no-no for a lot of people but even getting 20-30 minutes of physically activity can keep you up and running.





  1. Stay Positive

A lot of people love rain, but a lot of people also get sad in the rain. Things can seem gloomy, dark and it creates a downcast mood. Surround yourself with bright colored things, put on fast music or get done with the indoor chores you promised to do “tomorrow”. At the end, it all depends on you. If you can take control over your emotions, you’ll feel healthy anyway!

Article By: Shafa Mahmood

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