Aiman Khan seems not very happy over circulation of her baby shower pictures.

Speculations, speculations and more speculations. This was all that was going on for quite some time regarding Aiman Khan’s pregnancy rumors. Ever since Muneeb Butt shared a picture of her wife on Instagram people were out there with there microscope to detect that whether they were expecting their bundle of joy or not!

Muneeb Butt’s post sparked a rumor about her wife’s pregnancy and most of their fans were pretty much convinced about this. According to them the couple has included their fans in  every event so they will eventually make this public soon. But to their dismay this was never made public and was kept secret.

Recently a baby shower was arranged for soon to be mom Aiman Khan and the pictures were released on the internet without their consent. The baby shower was a very private event and the pictures were leaked by their own guests. A very disappointed Aiman Khan said:

“This was a very private event between me, my friends and family. Thank you very much whoever invaded my privacy and posted our pictures without my consent, my beautiful day ended in a bad mood,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Interestingly, her twin sister and fellow actress Minal Khan had also shared a glimpse of the baby shower and seems like Aiman forgot to notice it. Minal shared a boomerang video, in which Aiman was seem wearing a sash that reads ‘Mom’. The video, however, was deleted soon after Aiman shared on her Instagram that someone ‘leaked’ her baby shower photos.


Its quite natural of her fans to consider themselves to be a part of this beautiful journey because the couple had always made their fans aware of what was happening in their lives. When it comes to being a celebrity there are a lot of things that make their lives challenging. One such issue happens to be a common threat to many celebrities known as paparazzi. Paparazzi are news reporters that are often working under magazines, blogs and other such places with their sole efforts of being paid to report everything celebrities do, say, tweet, and take photographs that are often intrusive. Invasion of privacy happens to everyone and if you are a celebrity it is bound to happen. But here the pictures were leaked by their own guests and not by their fans or paparazzi.

For now the speculations have come to rest about the pregnancy. It seems evident from the pictures that they are ready to welcome a baby girl. We wish them all the best for the next chapter in life.

Huma Nawab

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