War on Corona: Dawn of aviation industry

War on Covid-19: Dawn of aviation industry

War on Corona: Dawn of aviation industry

Since the outbreak of covid-19, the first thing that came in the mind of every government body of all nations around the world was to cease their borders in order to prevent the further spread of this unknown virus. However, it was only a matter of time that infection became highly contagious.

As a result, economies all around the world are facing unexpected consequences. Most of the business models of large industries have been disturbed. If we go in detail, the three-words sentence “work from home” isn’t applicable to all industries. Such industries include the aviation industry, which has undergone many disturbances at the start of this decade. Due to this, airports all around the world are nothing but appear to be ghost towns. Similarly, it was reported that airplanes had been flying empty due to a drop in demand of passengers. It has been a disastrous time for the aviation industry.

Despite all the chaotic mess that has been caused by the covid-19 virus, the governments are trying to step-up their game to re-establish their economies for the sake of their respective nations. Lifting banned from the aviation industry is one of them.

For example, EASA (also known as “European Union Aviation Safety Agency”) is working with ECDC (also known as “European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control”) to promote “baseline aviation health safety protocol”, in which focus is to enhance ventilation facilities, hospital-grade air filtering, and vertical airflow. Similarly, electronic payment and documents are being considered rather than physical ones. For the cabin crew, focus on reducing movements within the cabins and fewer interactions between them are being considered. For passengers, the allocation of seats with the concept of “social distancing” is being considered.

Commission of EASA says;

“Regaining the confidence of passengers that aviation is a safe travel mode will be instrumental for exiting this crisis”

War on Corona: Dawn of aviation industry

Similarly, many European countries are easing travel restrictions to promote domestic and international tourism. These decisions are well supported by travel and hospitality companies, as they can be saved from undergoing bankruptcy.

Same is the case of Gulf countries, which are the power-house of the oil and gas sector for the whole world. They are slowly uplifting the restrictions for airline industries. As such airlines were forced to lay off some of their work forces, they are trying to prevent laying off other employees, by re-opening the airline business.

As far as the aviation industry goes, this is the right decision for the survival of the aviation industry and to prevent it from going into completed economic meltdown for the next whole decade.

War on Corona: Dawn of aviation industry

However, the exact consequences of such decisions are currently unknown. It can either turn out to be worse, or it can be beneficial in the end. We have to assume result with a grain of salt, as there is no 100% prediction of successful results. Even if this decision is ignored, it will make things worse economically.


Written by: Anas Farhan Awan

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