Are we aware of our feelings?


Feelings! What are feelings? I think it’s the most under and over-rated thing in the world. Now you must be thinking I called it ‘a thing’ myself, because may be these occur to me as a thing.

A thing occurs to me when I look at my father, a thing occurs to me when I fight with my brother, a thing occurs to me when I see my husband or boyfriend talking to anyone else. I am sure you must have guessed what emotions I am talking about in these descriptions, they are love, anger and jealousy respectively. So, let’s move forward from the thing.

So now why over-rated and under rated. Over-rated because most of the times we judge people on the bases of their gestures, like if a guy shows some respect, we girls think he might be attracted to us. Many of you will say big ‘No’ on it but trust me girls, we do think like that. If someone is seen with someone more often, we name them lovebirds and gossips on the other hand. Oh! And we also, sometimes, blackmail others on the bases of these feelings, which are commonly termed as positive feelings, but we do not restrain from exploiting the purest feelings, like love, care, respect etc. for our own benefit.


Now under-rated. In the same way, how we exploit feelings and over-rate them, we under-rate them, like ignoring someone’s care, love, even anger just because we don’t feel like. Isn’t it the reason we give to our self and others when we do not pay attention to another person’s feeling? I know it is. We are very unthankful creatures. We always want to take things too fast. And never want to do things with anybody else’s will. We do not want others to show their feelings unless or until we want them to. Other times when they show, after being overwhelmed by that, we suppress them without thinking, we could be at their place.

         In his Evolutionary Theory, Darwin suggested that our feelings and emotions developed with time and environmental changes that were happening around the man of that kind. They experienced many kinds of feelings which were new to them as the reactions to the circumstances they were in.

Whereas, William James in his Physiological Theory said that emotional reaction is dependent upon how you interpret those physical reaction. Which means our emotions are the result of our physical reaction to any situation.

Let’s understand the difference between feelings and emotions.

Emotions, proceed feelings, are physical and instinctual. Emotions are physical and they can be objectively measured by blood flow, brain activity, facial micro-expressions, and body language. In other words, emotions are lower level responses occurring in the sub cortical regions of the brain, biochemical reactions in your body altering your physical state. These reactions are coded in genes, and slightly vary between individuals, but are generally universally similar in all humans and other species. For example: smile, frowning etc.

Feelings, on the other hand, are the next thing after having an emotion, originating from neocortical regions of brain. Feelings are mental associations and reactions to emotions. It is a mental portrayal of what is going on in your body when you have an emotion. Feelings are usually influenced by personal experiences, beliefs, and memories, and happens in subconscious and cannot be measured.

      Dr. Sarah McKay explains, “Emotions play out in the theatre of body. Feelings play out in the theatre of the mind.”

Your emotions and feelings play a powerful role in how you experience and interact with the world. They are driving force behind many behaviors. Emotions and feelings are not bound just to human beings or human nature, they might be similar in all species. Like when a dog attacks when they feel danger pr threat from you. Animals emotions are not at all that mysterious. Emotions permit animals to behave adaptatively and flexibly using various behavior patterns in wide variety of venues.

So, in the end, I would like to request you all that if you do not want your feelings and emotions to get hurt then try not to hurt them at the first place. This will make a huge difference. Let’s make this world a better place to live by avoiding things which we hate at least. Just try to avoid what you do not like, what you do not want to experience or go through, by what you do not want to get hurt or used, this will make difference. Let’s look forward and change this world, by doing littlest things that we think will not make any difference. Let’s take responsibility and take care of each other.


Written by: Aruj Fatima


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