Hurricanes: the most destructive natural disaster

Hurricanes: the most destructive natural disaster

“Everything going on in this life is just expansion of whatever going on inside us.”

Miss Shah said this sentence, as dramatically as she could, while explaining one of the poems from Classical poetry in Master’s program. It’s been almost 3 years since this day that I never forget from that time. Well there are many but let’s stick to it for now.

Ms. Shah was the most aged instructor we had, in fact in whole department. She was a fun-loving old lady, with so many tales to tell her students and her grand kids. BUT while explaining the poems she was just so much into it that we could clearly guess that she loves it.

Hurricanes: the most destructive natural disaster

Back to the quote, the quote is as deep yet as simple as it looks. We seem to clearly understand what it says or may be some of us don’t. Let’s help those folks.

Collectively, I call, emotional traumas or phases Hurricanes, that we go through on daily basis due to different causes and happenings in our life. Why do I call them hurricanes? Because hurricane is an unusual kind of calamity. Before it comes, it sends strong messages, unlike earthquakes or bush fires. People have time to prepare for it, but also to feel it, every second of it.

Hurricanes: the most destructive natural disaster

So, yeah, whatever we feel every time when we know things are going to be bad. Consciously or unconsciously we get this feeling that things would not turn our way or what’s coming our way.

Sometimes we get this mixed feeling, or should I say 50-50 instinct, when we are stuck in-between and we just assume things can turn anyway, in our favor or maybe not.

That’s when we sense the hurricane, what drastic change is about to happen in our life. We start preparing for it, defense strategies etc. Sometimes they are as unexpected as they can get, silently approaching from the outskirts of our world. We can never guess that this hurricane is going to turn our world upside down, we are just going through the flow of time.

      That’s when hurricanes strike us, when we are the most off-guard and that’s when we are the most vulnerable and not prepared

Hurricanes: the most destructive natural disaster

That is the point where we must be strong and patient and face them. A strong storm of emotions is the time when we feel the most helpless and hopeless, when we think everything is finished. But that’s not it, that’s the point where we come to life and in action, that’s when we must strike back or at least resist all the emotional storm or instability and think rationally out of the situation.

We feel lost, hopeless and not so alive, we feel like something stabbed is in our very soul, so bad that our soul is going to bleed out and die, and we cannot do anything about it. We cry but nothing happens, nothings soothes us. Here we will have to face the storm.

We should face it, as much as it breaks us inside and outside, more it will give us strength afterwards and we will never regret standing up to it.

Sometimes they come as a storm or hailstorm but within us, we humans are so expert in hiding these storms, the other person can never guess what’s going on behind a smile.

So, yeah, this world is just the expansion of all the things happening inside us, storms, breezes, hurricanes, snowfall etc.


Written by: Aruj Fatima

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