imran khan and IMF

IMF is trying to eat salaries of government employees’ as well

IMF demands to cease the salaries of government employees in order to overcome the loss coronavirus has caused.

Since the outbreak of virus there has been a constant economical and developmental set back all countries particularly under-develop countries are facing. IMF has demanded Pakistan to freeze the salaries of government employees as the number of effected surges to as high as 68,000.

Government jobs were considered as the most secure and payed jobs even in pandemic. Government officials are working and going to their jobs even during corona-days. So, they are payed, even working remotely. But now that corona is not planning to go anywhere any soon, IMF has pressed the issue about preserving economy and adhere to the fiscal consolidation path by showing a nominal primary deficit in the new budget due to the unsustainable public debt that is set to hit 90 per cent of the total value of the national economy.

Khan is resisting the demands due to the inflation that’s has worn the people’s pays and there is no jump in revenue can be seen by doing so.

imran khan and IMF

Khan is even concerned about another lock down, if they must impose it, because the nation and daily wagers has suffered enough due to it. Government is instead inclined to raise the salaries of the employees due to high inflation.

Khan is thinking about everything, how to give us comfort even in this time of distress.

Its us who are not thinking about a mindful leader of ours, by not sitting at home. Still we see him s our enemy where he is only thinking and doing things for our sake and our comfort.

In time when companies are laying off their employees, Khan is thinking about giving a raise. Government will disclose the budget on 12th June as it struggles to strike a balance between continuing with the fiscal consolidation and providing an impetus to economic growth. The government is considering a 10-15 per cent pay raise and around 10 per cent increase in pensions.

So, lets try to be a little responsible by sitting at home and realizing all the effort Khan and his team are putting together to fight and bring us out of this war against an unseen enemy.

Written by: Aruj Fatima


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