Karachi sinks as its drainage system refuses to accommodate rainfall water

Karachi sinks as its drainage system due to rainfall

Karachi and its citizens are seeing visible drainage running around the city while city is receiving record breaking rainfall this monsoon.

Karachi sinks as its drainage system refuses to accommodate rainfall water

There have always been problems with drainage system of big cities. Little rainfall turns our cities into Venice. Wastes wandering around the streets, water flooding. Its like water has no where to go but on the streets. These are the results of bad drainage system.

People are furious about wastewater flooding the streets of the city, as it dangerous hygienically, especially in the era of Coronavirus. People from around the city are sharing pictures and videos of waste wandering their streets along with flood water.

Its like water had no place to go, instead of accommodating the rainwater the drainage system vomited the waste it was holding before.

There has been record rainfall in 2 hours that it had in last 10 years. There was also a large part of Karachi which remained clear because of revamped streets and drainage system but there was still a town called Gulistan-e-Johar which faced urban flooding of dirty water.

People have been mocking at the condition of the city for why to visit Venice when the government provided us with our local Venice right here.

Karachi sinks as its drainage system refuses to accommodate rainfall water


Government need to focus on the poor drainage system of major cities. People are calling out the performance of Sindh government in the past years. For what they have done to the city, instead of making it better, conditions of the city has worsened.

Even American Tv featured a video of trash flowing through the streets of Karachi. Mentioning it one of the big cities of Pakistan. This is clearly not the image of Pakistan we want our in the world. As much as we need betterment in drainage system for the people of the city, we also need it for the healthier image of Pakistan in the world. We know healthier image will never be featured but it will be better than this bad image.

There has to be a better damage control system in the city. Rainfalls are natural phenomena. They shouldn’t be a problem for coping and each year there is an increase in the rain. We should have had a proper damage control system developed and in practice in Karachi. But we are looking the poor performance of the government.

average rainfall amount in karachi in monsoon 2020

Karachi is called the city of lights which is drowning in trash water right now, we all need to step up and save it. Do our part, big or small. Let’s all save Karachi.

Written by: Aruj Fatima

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