Spark ignites a fire as PM calls Osama a martyr

Spark ignites a fire as PM calls Osama a martyr


PM Imran Khan refers Osama Bin Laden as martyr in his yesterday’s speech in National Assembly. Osama Bin Laden was the person who brought terrorism to Pakistan.

On Thursday, PM Khan has the most irrational slip of tongue. He called Osama Bin Laden a martyr. He was talking about how US has invaded our territories for so long and when the news about Osama being hidden in Pakistan, they came and killed him he said, “The Americans came to Abbottabad and killed, martyred Osama bin Laden. When happened after that? The entire world cursed at us and spoke ill of us.”

The opposition was furious with the choice of words of PM Khan. They started calling him names. “Imran Khan called Osama bin Laden shaheed. Bin Laden brought terrorism to our lands, he was a terrorist through and through and he [premier] calls him shaheed?” Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader Khawaja Asif said while addressing the NA session.

Spark ignites a fire as PM calls Osama a martyr

After that horrible mistake by PM Khan everybody took turns in calling him out and coming at him. PM Khan is the most loved yet most hated PM in the history of Pakistan, there is no in between for him.

Prime Minister Imran during his trip to the United States last year had said that Pakistan’s main spy agency provided the US with a lead that helped them find and take out Osama bin Laden.

Sherry Rehman, PPP Senator, said that Pakistan will always be a victim of what that man did. He brought terrorism to Pakistan by which we still suffer one way or the other. We have lost so many precious lives due to terrorism. She also exclaimed, ‘’Remember that Osama Bin Laden can be the PM’s hero but not the nations. He was and will remain a criminal of the state and the people.”

Bin Laden was killed by US special forces who raided his compound in Pakistan in 2011.

Khan needs to be a little more careful about making these mistakes. We love him but he makes it a little hard for us to keep loving him sometimes by making these kinds of mistakes.


Written by: Aruj Fatima


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