Time: an unavoidable element of this universe

Time! What is time? Do you have it? Do I have it? Does anyone have it? So, question is more like where time?


There is a saying about time that, ‘It does not remain same’ well it is true, it does not remain same, it passes, it changes whether you’re having a hard time or good time. It also never comes back, once it’s gone. IT IS gone. Here I am talking about the decisions that we are supposed to take at times and then taking the right and wrong decisions.

You may feel that sometimes it passes slow, yes it slows down but only for you. During that time, you might hear people around you complaining that time moves very fast or something and you start wondering they are crazy or you?

Question is why time slows down just for you? While others think it’s moving fast. You might be going through something or not happy wherever you are or whatever you are doing, while others are contented or somewhat satisfied with their lives and enjoying being busy and doing whatever they are doing.


So, if you ever feel that time slowed down for you, start analyzing what’s wrong? What’s happening in your life? Why are you not happy? There are sometimes, when we do stuff for our parents, or sometimes we must do it, just the need of time or social call. That’s when we get this time-slowing-down feeling. Most of all when the situation where we are put in does not turns put to be in our favor or we haven’t expected things to happen the way they are happening. That’s when our time slows down and everything seems to be dragging with just the pace of it.

Well my point is, our lives are left to be designed and lived just the way we want. But it’s difficult now to live according to your own selves. People who makes up our beautiful society stands to be the judges of our lives. And they seem to be controlling whatever we do, our dreams, our decisions, our needs, everything.

Not of every one of us but most of us. One thing I know that we cannot be happy if we are not contented. And if we cannot move forward or get away from certain decisions we took in the past life.

So, avoid making wrong decisions in life and if you do take such decisions which doesn’t turns put to be good. Then you should be brave enough to step out of it or make things right for your own self. Bbecause nothing matters if one’s own self is not happy.

Written by: Aruj Fatima

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