Sadaf n Sheroz Nikkah

Cat (Sadaf Kawal) is out of the Bag.

Sadaf n Sheroz Nikkah

Few months back Shahroze Sabzwari who is the famous actor of Pakistan and famous model Syra Yousuf got divorced. They got married in 2012 and share a daughter. After months of separation they got divorced and soon after they got divorced people started suspecting that Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze are dating.

However, they denied all the rumours and told the audience they are not dating but people couldn’t believe it. And Shahroze Sabzwari made a video clearing the air that there is nothing like that and people should not take name of anyone’s daughter just like that
Recently, when Shahroze Sabzwari posted a birthday picture to wish his mother “Happy Birthday” Sadaf Kanwal played her part and commented “Happy Birthday Mama”. And when people started bashing her she removed her comment.

Sadaf kawal change her insta status after nikkah

Also, the famous video gone viral where Shahroze and Sadaf were out for cycling during the lockdown. People are bashing Sadaf Kanwal and blaming her for the divorce of Sharoze and Syra.

And today after all these rumours the cat is out of the bag. Later this morning famous model come actress Sadaf Kanwal changed her last name on instagram as Sadaf Sabzwari. That made people believe something is cooking. And later on from pictures we come to know Shahroze and Sadaf Kanwal tied the knot in a private ceremony. Sharing their pictures of intimate ceremony on instagram and turned the comments off. Their pictures are circulating on the internet. People are calling Sadaf Kanwal as “homewrecker” and others are congratulating the couple on tying the knot. After the marriage of Hina Altaf and Agha Ali and the Faryal Mehmood this new couple has joined the newly wed gang. And our heartiest congratulations to them.

Written by: Khushbakht Khan

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