Stargazing in Hunza valley

The Stars & Starry Night of The Gilgit

  Have you ever wondered what the stars hold? Whether or not they cocoon mystical creatures in their light? Are they as free as they seem or are they too feel slave to the laws of gravity? What lies beyond…

Playing Our Role in Mental Health Awareness

Playing Our Role in Mental Health Awareness

We’re constantly warned about our weak health care system and how we will have to see our loved ones suffer and struggle to breathe. Recently, corona virus has swept into our lives like a bad spell. All everyone ever talks…


Get ready! Eid-ul-Azha is at the doorstep

Eid-ul-Azha is just going to occur with a blink of our eyelid. The former minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry has announced that Eid-ul-Azha will take place on 31st July, 2020. The moon for the month of Zil Hajj…


Are we aware of our feelings?

  Feelings! What are feelings? I think it’s the most under and over-rated thing in the world. Now you must be thinking I called it ‘a thing’ myself, because may be these occur to me as a thing. A thing…

stay home saty safe

The Pandemic_ 2020 is a strange year

  The virus that originated from the illegal seafood market in Wuhan spread like wildfire across the whole globe. It was merely a news bulletin that flashed across the screen, announcing deaths of some Chinese with a taste for bats….


Everything you need to know about Introvert

When you think of the word ‘introvert’, a reserved, shy, socially awkward person comes into our minds, but that is where we are wrong and that itself proves that we’ve distorted the whole idea of introversion into something that it…

Aspects Behavioral Psychology you need to know!

Starting from behavioral psychology itself what is it? This topic right there is a very vague topic. I don’t think I can cover every aspect of it but I am going to at least make you understand what it is….

Charm in your writing

What will you lose after writing in a sequence?

“Everything have the two sides…..the one we see could be positive or may be negative” It depends totally on one’s conscience ……. to be able to see through the things. Since I am taking writing into consideration….It’s somehow better to…


Education: The holy grail to all our problems

No matter how patriotic we get during the Pakistan-India cricket matches or how loudly we sing Dil dil Pakistan on 14th august, we always end up heaving defeated sighs when we face the reality of the situation our country is…