Collab between NASA and SpaceX, what could be the outcome?

Will collaboration between NASA and SpaceX finally promote Interstellar travel for humanity, or will it cause history to repeat itself by initiating another “Space Race”?

Throughout human history, man has always been involved in many conflicts for the sake of gaining dominance among other men. Such lust for power has also led to its downfall throughout human history. What would happen, if such sins of forefathers are repeated again by the future generation?

At the very edge of mid-night, people around the world kept their eyes wide open to watch one of the most marvelous events, which was just a part of wild imagination for most people, but it became reality. The launch itself was no less than an Olympic event as it had a large number of viewers. This event united all mankind, which ranges from simple-minded viewers to complex-minded scientists.

Collaboration between two massive giants of space exploration corporations had indirectly promoted a concept of unity among all nations around the world, by indicating that “To travel across stars, diversity is just a myth.” It clearly states that if humans want interstellar to be a reality soon, the differences and competition among various space agencies should be eliminated. This is proven by the fact that partnership between the government space agency “NASA” and the private space agency “SpaceX.”


However, just like human fingerprints, not everyone thinks the same way. Some agencies would take this event as a wake-up call and will try to represent their nation in space instead of taking it as a message for all of mankind. Such actions and intentions, unfortunately, lead to the loss of many resources and morals.

In history books, Space Race occurred at the time of the Cold War, and it played a vital role in ending this war. If we look at the current technology, many countries in the world have their own space agencies, which can participate in Space Race, if it happens to reappear. If we think about it at national levels, Space Race is beneficial only in terms of gaining dominance in the world, but it has no proper means of eliminating such competitions that cost billions and requires utilization of many resources of one’s nation. In short, such competitions lead to more unexpected consequences rather than successful results. These consequences often play a role in destabilizing the economies of nations in association with weakening the morals and courage of hard-working citizens, who may or may not be involved directly in space exploration agencies.

Space Race has always been a major part of exploration, in which innovation from each respective nation has been experimented and recorded. This mindset has led to various fruitful results but was it worth the cost. This cost could have been reduced if unity was a concept implemented at the time of the Cold War.

In conclusion, the question that remains is, how far will we go? How far will humanity reach within our Solar System when diversity within Space Race is common? Will mankind be able to cooperate with each other to promote safe and quicker interstellar travel? Or will mankind just competes with each other?

Written by: Anas Farhan Awan

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