Hamza Ali Abbasi


So the hype is getting bigger that hamza ali abbasi have left the showbiz and he have totally diverted to Islam. What is truth and does he really is quitting??

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Well the answer is NO. In the latest Hamza Ali Abbasi video he told too many things about which fans didn’t knew. He said that he was atheist in his early age and the one thing that shocked me up was that science brought him back to  Islam. Mostly people who became atheist are because of science.In a 23-minute-long video, the Waar star shared that he has decided to leave the entertainment industry to follow the path of Almighty.

“I had this divine intervention some time back, that all that I am doing in this world will end the moment I die,” he shared in the video. “All these trophies, all these accolades will not bring me any good on the Day of Judgment when I meet my Maker. I have decided that I want to leave everything that might be a hurdle when it comes to making my matters easier on the Day of Judgment.”

Hamza in his latest announcement.
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Another thing that people said that *Hamza Ali Abbasi have left the showbiz* and that’s not true.He said that he want to take a break and will produce some dramas and films according to Islamic moral lessons and there will not be an unethical content.

There were some fans who were little disappointed but mostly fans appreciated.

Written by: Ibrahim Munir

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