Dua mandi walking with her friend




You all heard the news about this girl, right? On Saturday 30th November late at night news broadcast on all mediums of media that a girl named Dua Mangi got kidnapped. Her friend with whom she was walking with got shot in the process of saving her. The girls’ family went to police to help them find her but the usual story.

But a change occurred when the girl’s family used the social media to ask for help from higher authorities. Now everyone is showing sympathy and there are heaps of messages, content, awareness campaigns to let people know that what happened was wrong. Everyone sitting on social media is letting people know that what happened is not right and everyone is praying for both of them to return to their houses happy and healthy.

As of now the missing girl is nowhere to be found. And family is not happy with the progress of investigative team. The government has issues some statement as well about sad this whole situation is and they have instructed police to help the family.

Dua mandi walking with her friend


It’s what you probably have heard on news, but there is a broader perspective to this. The police said that this case is one a kind. On Average there are at least two reporting of rape or kidnap in a 9 o’clock news bulletin. Out of those very few people are extremely lucky who are able to gain attention of public and government.

This family sure is. While there is a community that is actually sympathizing with the family (whose daughter was literally lifted off the road at night), there is a group of people that thinks that this incident is Dua’s own fault. Having the social media we think we can say anything because well we can! It’s not always pretty.

There is a good proportion of our social media community that thinks that because Dua’s dress was short and tight, and walking at night, she presented herself to be kidnapped. Some think that opposing these blamers is also wrong! Some think that are no sides to the story, just that she got kidnapped a lot of people does, this is not the issue that needs to be addressed. I want to say a few things and we’ll decide that Is this issue is serious or not?



Is this the safe Pakistan that we were promised? We are an independent country to go whenever we please aren’t we? If this really a girl’s issue that a person can’t control his eyes and he will blame the person he is staring at? Walking with someone a crime? Does rejecting someone is a crime? Firstly this is not a girl’s fault that people can’t keep their eyes to themselves. Why is it always the girl who has to change in our society? Is Islam rooting for a male dominating society? 


A lot of questions right? Answer is one: Broaden your thinking horizons please. We need to change our mentalities that a girl is made for sacrifice, she is a human she can do whatever she pleases, Take your Islam and match it with the original one every man out there will lower his eyes first. Talking in social media doesn’t make you a winner who is of honor.

It makes you a coward who can’t even respect the gender who gave birth to you. It’s if utter importance that people should know the seriousness of this issue sooner the better. Because it’s not just comments, like the mentality that demands change.


A word to all the supporters that it’s a good thing to support but if we stand for each & every case like we do for the popular ones, the ratio of kidnapping may decrease. We are a literate nation. Please wake up without the hashtag trending and do something for every Dua who is still waiting for help. This story is of every girl who thinks she is independent but this society always asks a girl to take the fall. And last but not the least the sector that needs to be addressed on this issue is,

Dear People of high Ranks we would like you all to wake up to the issues before the news becomes a high rating news and a trending hashtag! Issuing the condolences is not your work providing us security is. Peace!!!

Written by: Raazia Tauqir

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