poster of faisal abbass movie sayyan

The Struggle of Faysal Abbass & his come back with movie ‘Sayyan’

Faisal Abbass poster Sayyan

This is a true story based on the remarkable struggles of a Pakistani singer ‘Faysal Abbas’. It’s a story based on the hardwork of Faysal depicting how he paved his way to success and reached a position. The ups and downs he had to go through have been clearly shown in this movie.
In 2004, his first album ‘Sayyan’ released which was a super hit, But right after the massive success he vanished without leaving a clue as to why or where he went. He simply disappeared from the scene. Soon, rumors were spread that the singer had fallen deeply in love with a girl and things may have ended bad which lead him to committing suicide.

poster of faisal abbass movie sayyan

He was actually thought to be ‘dead’. What he did for 11 years is shown in this movie. The movie also focuses’ on what it took him to work all his way back into showbiz. The intriguing specialty about this whole story line is that ‘Faysal’ himself is playing the role. He himself will be portraying his character ‘Faysal Abbas’ character’.

This is what makes it all so interesting. Now this man who started from nothing and had few chances of achieving his dreams is a reason why it’s said anything is possible if there’s hard work and firm faith. Without it nothing can happen.

This man’s story will prove to be exemplary for those who face numerous hardships yet never cease to work hard with passion. Conclusively, all that is required is hard work and it shall bear us fruit just like it did with ‘Faysal Abbas’. His story will motivate those who have lost their fight against hopelessness and remain in a state of nothingness.

Those poor people have buried their dreams and ‘Faysal’s story’ will give them the strength, hope and motivation to struggle.

Famous singer Faysal Abbas has announced the making of his upcoming reality based movie. After excelling in the field of singing,he has now decided to step into film industry. The preparations of making of film ” Sayyan ” are in process. Faysal abbas says that he will direct the movie and music himself.

Moreover he will also play for an important character. His film is based on reality and he affirms that it’d be placed on a spectacular rank in this industry. He further says that, music lovers have highly appraised his songs and now he strongly believes that “Sayyan” would be loved by his fans and followers too.

Written by: Hina Awan

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