Harassment Allegations : A Controversy That Might Cause Ukhano His Career.

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By now, you all must have heard about the current mess Umar Khan aka Ukhano has gotten himself into. The now Travel Vlogger who rose to fame through YouTube and has managed to amass about 270, 000 subscribers on YouTube and about 250,000 instagram followers got accused of sexual assault and harassment in a now deleted Facebook post.

Appalling Number of Victims

The popular vlogger’s credibility and reputation has been suffering since last week when a girl came out on social media with allegations of harassment and perversion. And the allegation would not have been a blowup this huge but it seemed to have opened up a Pandora’s box that led to encouraging more women who then came up with back to back instances Ukhano had been downright perverted to them or had at least made them feel uncomfortable in conversations.

The evidence and screenshots were shared in an article by mangobaaz making this a matter of interest across Pakistani internet population.

Influencers Taking a Strong Stand

Also notable is the fact that among these women who came up, few are renowned in social media.

Since there are already enough articles, blog posts and social media posts regarding this story including Umar Khan’s own instagram video denying these harassment allegations from quite a few ladies, the real debate is the impact this controversy will have on Ukhano’s career as vlogger and the response this issue has brought in from many celebrities, bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers and the general online public.


Unlike the divided feedback on Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar controversy, the Ukhano incident has brought the blogger community of Pakistan together on a single verdict that stands with anyone who has been a victim of sexual harassment, unrelenting ignorance of consent and influential people like Ukhano abusing their influence.

Instagram Influencers like @by.rooj, @_summiya, @hirableeh, @hemayal, @baeeman, model Zara Peerzada, YouTuber Irfan Junejo and many others have come forward in support of these women, apprectaing their courage speak up and expose Ukhano or anyone who has wronged them.

Social Media Stars versus The Victim Shaming Mindset


While this screenshot controversy has brought to light the debate regarding the Pakistani culture of shutting down such allegations against popular people as attempts at cheap fame, rejecting any evidence provided as fake and shaming the victims for being in the situation also known as “Boys will be boys, don’t give them a reason”.

Personally I feel grateful towards all the influencers, celebrities and people who are canceling this mindset along with people who have attempted these kind of heinous crimes.


The Backlash From Ukhano Army


Sexual harassment has always been a controversial topic for the Pakistani population, especially since it puts every aspect of the victim to trial before the accused. Women have had to face character assassination based on what they wore, their frankness, friendship, whereabouts and even timings and the girls who accused Ukhano are facing similar reaction from his supporters and followers. Many of them asking for proof and calling it an attempt for fame because they took to social media instead of going to the authorities.


Collegues Come To Ukhano’s Rescue


A few of Ukhano’s colleagues like travel blogger Eva Zubek, Mooroo and model Anoushey Ashraf have come to his rescue urging the masses to consider statements from both sides although it has been reported Eva Zubek deleted her post afterwards. However quite a few of the twitterati have shut them down saying it’s been enough time that the accused is given the benefit of doubt… Or the benefit of ¬†popularity.

Not Just Harrasment, But Assault and Perversion Too…

A few girls have also shared screenshots of how Ukhano would follow them on instagram or snapchat and then bring sexual innuendos in the conversation, asking them for pictures and some nudes even.

This issue has caught more attention as soon after the Cancel Ukhano movement started, influencers leading it have started to face backlash from Ukhano’s fanbase. Some went as far as leaving life threats to the instagram blogger Baeeman. Soon after fake screenshots of her conversation were shared and she took to her instagram and exposed this. Her instagram stories from Friday 19th July 2019 explained with evidence what had happened as she requested the instagram community to support her and spread the word.

The Silver Lining of This Scandal

To say the least this Ukhano fiasco has made quite a stir causing the feminist & general female community to emerge as one unit against unwanted sexual advances and harassment, actively participating to ensure matters like this are brought to trial and the victims don’t stand alone in the face of rigorous character desecration and vicious backlash from people still in denial regarding this vice.

What is your take on this entire controversy, drop the wisdom in the comments.

Article By: Abeera Dilawar

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