Before I start let me tell you who I am ? well I am no one but I am the one. the one who is trying to get out of what I am going through.So vanishing the suspense.

I am trying to come out of my depression,stress and all the negative thoughts that are making me to feel that i stand no where , my existence is useless in this world.Right now  I see my self no where but besides this I know that i can stand somewhere better than where I am today.So to find that where I exactly need to stand and supposed to do is the real struggle my friends. Last few years in my life were thinking about how to be successful, stressing out, building up my personality,fear of failure, keeping my self motivated,overcoming my incurable depression disease and foremost my overthinking.So many of you my friends might be going through the same stuff in your head which is blowing you out.

Starting of with the pressure of SUCCESS. Remember my friends success never comes  alone it always comes along with the FAILURE. As failure is opposite of success but also goes parallel to it .Basically what I mean is FAILURE IS THE 1ST STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS.No one have got success without failure.Even when you are  born,the very first thing for you is to walk and when you  try your first attempt you never get success you just fall ,then you get up again struggle and eventually after days finally a day come you are able to walk, run and jump.SO life at very first teaches you that you will never get success until and unless you failed some of the time .

STRESS is something which is never given to you but you yourself take it in your head.You make yourself to stress out. What makes you stress out.

  • your monotonous routine
  • comparison of yourself with others
  • something unrealistic


  • Break your monotonous routine.just set your standards ,if already then you need to change ,try to change your life patterns because its the foremost reason of your stress, you are doing nothing new , nothing is changing in your life following and doing the same that you have been doing since ages. now you need to change because CHANGES ARE SYMBOL OF LIFE .
  • Stop comparing yourself with others.when you look around and see people doing well and then you compare yourself with them then comes the state where you are giving stress to yourself . Instead of thinking that you might be better at something you start to think why can’t you do such thing what that other person is good at.But my friends you need to know that NO ONE IS THE SAME, EVEN THE FINGERS IN ONE HAND ARE NOT THE SAME.

             you can use the same ingredients but try to create your own new recipe.

  • something which is not real and based on your thoughts gives you stress.Try to look and focus on reality because unrealistic things creates conflicts and conflicts leads to stress.Try to be realistic if you will be so then you will not be having any kind of doubts and so that doubts will not make you to stress out.

DEPRESSION is something which can kill you so try to kill it before it kills you.It is an incurable disease. Thoughts of failure,competition can cause you depression.So my friends do not do what everyone else is doing try to do some thing new where there lies no competition and you compete with your own self. Remember there is no limitations its only in our minds.Failure is not the end and suicide is not the  way.

MOTIVATION is a thing which keeps you going on . But remember you cannot work the entire life .there come a stage where you need to rest and that resting period is not what you say that now you are demotivated and need to be motivated .you can never have a constant graph there lies ups and downs .Try to find out the strength which motivates you not the confronting examples set by others.

OVERTHINKING is not  a bad thing but thinking wrong is a bad thing. Right thinking is like a mirror to you where you  see no doubts and you can figure out the right and wrong.Basically not overthinking but BAD thinking is bad and the root cause of all the issues  as depression,stress and failure.



                     BURY THE ALL DEPRESSION,STRESS 🙂

By: Lajeen Safdar

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