fat person eating junk food

How to lose your weight

 Does your relatives gave you a free non required advice to lose your weight?? Well here are few tips by which you can loose your weight easily!!
fat person eating junk food
1*Don’t forget to EAT lunch*
Yes you have read it right. There are enzymes that are ready to break down your lunch and when you don’t eat your lunch because of any food strike or something else, those non consumed enzymes will add up in lower abdomen and you will end up looking like Maj Adnan Sami….
2*schedulize your meal*
A human body is survival body. It will work according to your time table. But if you don’t have any time of taking meal then you should schedulize your meal or else you will end up listening to the advice of your non required relatives.
green tea
3*Make green tea your bff*
If you have seen Afghan people’s meal,you will be jealous because I was when I saw the meal they eat. They eat lamb and they use ghee of sheep’s fat. But one thing I noticed was that they had one big kettle which they only use for green tea. We should drink green tea and if you are over conscious for your weight………. Drink green tea instead of water
4*Use Cinnamon*
Here is a tip if you want to loose 3 to 4 kg in 15 days.Take a piece of cinnamon of 1-2 inch and boil it in three cups of water(standard cup not the Desi cup) for approximately 5 minutes so only two cup will left.Drink one cup at night and the other cup in the morning.
healthy eating

5*Don’t go for keto diet*

Don’t go instead don’t try to touch the keto. In keto you don’t have to eat carbohydrates instead you will eat fats. But our brain can only take energy in the form of carbs, so keto can lead you to brain damage and liver damage.So don’t……..
6*Avoid over eating*
If your happy after reading the first point and you are ready to eat your lunch then please don’t over eat or never drink between your meal.
Written by: Ibrahim Munir

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