students suicide, bbc report

Increase number of Suicides among university students!..

Death is inevitable, but suicide , because living isn’t meaningful anymore is not. I don’t have to go tell you what suicide is and how much it is discouraged in Islam, that’s basic knowledge. The issue is increased suicide rate in Pakistan.  On average 15 to 35 people commit suicide every day; it means that every hour a Pakistani is killing himself; main causes include poverty and (well) heartbreak.

students suicide, bbc report

In these averages there is considerate number of students of universities who commit suicide because there aren’t enough grades. In just Augusts there are 5 student deaths reported, and the main reason told is “not satisfactory grades”. It is easy for a person to say that, “Okay he died because he couldn’t accept his fate, it’s his fault” well frankly speaking it’s not entirely his fault. Everyone is at fault who contributes to even a single death.

Every youngster that I study with, that I meet, anyone I talk to is sad, why? Because life is not meaningful as it used to be. As a student myself, there are number factors other than just grades that contribute to high rate of suicide amongst university students in Pakistan.



The system in which we study is a cause itself. Grading criteria’s have their flaws, may it be relative or absolute way of grading. A system that forces a student to earn more As than how much knowledge imparted to him. The job giving sector is giving jobs to 3+ GPAs, and even 2.95 aren’t even considered.

A percentage of human error also contributes to this, and I mean favoritism on part of teachers, I have seen just teachers so far but there is who encountered them and results were not acceptable. Everyone needs to know that a person who is antisocial is not necessarily a “below average”. Brains can’t be judged on the basis of experience. The most contributing issue in this area is that the higher education is really expensive.

For a middle class family who is earning 40,000 per month it’s hard to pay fees which are as high as 60,000 every four months. A student studying from a middle class family is working hard and he working so hard to get out of his present situation and the only way out is good grades and getting a “good job”. But he doesn’t get good grades even after he’s worked hard; he is supposed to be devastated.

education pressure

Politics and Human nature victims:

I mean it victims. Place is called university because there are people from everywhere and of every kind.  Everyone is of different nature. But when competition for grades starts there is every man for himself. There is no loyalty, no buried alliances lying anywhere. Human is a social animal, having no one to look up to for help or opening heart to, anyone will start suffocating.

Peer Pressure:

Parents of our country, “If GPA isn’t 3.5 you are not allowed to enter the house. We are spending just too much on you” A person is already trying to survive the world out there and he is not being triumphant and on top of that he has to maintain a GPA that he may not have the  mental capacity to do so. A new worry added to the list. Family and friends are automatically assuming University is a piece of cake, “Oh I’m pretty sure you can work it out as you did in college” Well this ain’t college. Where we are supposed to get an advice we get is a push that it’s your life, your issues, go sort it out!

Now Lets make a list

  • No friends
  • No family
  • No motivation

Now still think he hasn’t had enough to die?

What should be done?

A change in system is desperately, but that’s not happening anytime soon. What we can do is,

  • Motivation from parents that GPA doesn’t matter, money doesn’t matter that person does.
  • Universities are on top of that are now just money making machines who don’t care if someone lives or dies. A country as dense as ours psychological issues is bound to happen. Proper counseling is desperately needed. A psychologist should be in every university just in case. This department can only be made strong if university wants it to be.
  • Education on self confidence and self motivation will help to embrace what is, rather than what could be.

A piece of Advice:

    Enough thinking kills a person, even if the heart is working or not. This much list has to be maintained by every student. It may seem easier to say that grades are only factor. No everyone around him has contributed in taking his life. When a person has asked to do more than capacity it’s not his fault to feel depressed. And to every student out there grades really don’t matter. Just gain experiences from university good or bad.

Life will be fine it is supposed to be better after every downfall. We learn and we find jobs, Allah has promised us food if we search for it. I can’t say as how it will be better, but every change starts with you. This change will affect to those around you. An eventually life will get better. All it takes is a leap of faith and little patience, ‘cause good things come after a wait. We are who we want us to be.

You all don’t need anyone to motivate you; you are your greatest motivation. Look up to the creator who has send you here for a reason, find that reason, be that reason! Stay happy, Cheers!

Written by: Raazia Tauqir


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