Is Our Future is in Safe Hands?… #JusticsForHaleema

Bahria University has always been under the limelight for different news time to time. From its fashion stories to its scandals, a recent suicide news of Saqib Hussnain to Haleema Amin’s tragic death due to negligence of the University. And even with such scater, no one can do a slight harm to the reputation of the so called Bahria University. WHY?….

Haleema Amin, 23, bachelors student in her second semester at Bahria University went to the fourth floor of this newly open building for what so ever reason. She fell from the balcony on the fourth floor, she stepped on an opening covered by a paper and fell. At moment she was conscious with multiple fractures. Even she told her mother’s number herself to be informed. She was rushed to the nearest hospital PIMS and then shifted to CMH due to lack of equipment required for her treatment, which was fairly fine to be done to save her life.

According to students, that building was opened on 11th  September, this month has no proper caution signs anywhere. Classes were also being conducted on regular basis as we can look from the TimeTable. The worst and alarming thing about this whole incident is the Accountability. Yet it was an accident that could have been happen with anyone, but this negligence cost some life which is not acceptable

In Spite Of admitting the carelessness done by the administration of the Bahria University, the authorities are trying to cover truth with lame accusations. It is even more absurd and ridiculous to watch that such cheap tactics are being played by an Educational Institution itself. Family of the deceased Haleema is heard being approached and pressurized from the higher personals of university and directors of education to sign the lawsuit of not pursuing them in court. Different media Channels running false and lame stories so the whole incident go neutral leaving the accountable unaccountable because they hold power.

Isn’t it the new level of insanity we are witnessing from the people claim to be the educationists? After this incident question we need to ask from us, is our future is in safe hands? The hands who shape our curriculum of studies, who run our educational institutions. Why don’t they simply accept their part of the fault and apologize rather faking, molding and hiding the truth just for the sake of their image or power? I think they need basic schooling before us.


Dhanak Khan

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