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When you think of the word ‘introvert’, a reserved, shy, socially awkward person comes into our minds, but that is where we are wrong and that itself proves that we’ve distorted the whole idea of introversion into something that it clearly isn’t. Before we jump into who introverts are and what it is like being one, we should fully understand what introversion and extroversion are and what causes them.

Introversion and Extroversion


They are the core aspects of people’s personalities. Extroversion is preferring to spend time in the outer world of people while introversion is spending time in your inner world of ideas and images. What identifies you as either one of them is where you direct your energy. What that means is that choosing where and how to spend your energy is the main key to identifying whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. In other words extroverts are energized by socializing while introverts are exhausted by it and would rather spend time alone.

Different Brains

The science behind this is that introverts and extroverts have different brains and the difference mainly lies between the way they respond to the neurotransmitter Dopamine, which is a chemical that is responsible for transmitting signals between the nerve cells of the brain and plays a role in controlling functions of the central nervous system such as movement, pleasure, attention, mood and motivation. Now, we are not saying that the amount of dopamine available is different in introverts and extroverts brains but its level of activity is. It is more active in the brains of extroverts than it is in the brain of introverts. Thus, it isn’t wrong to say that if you are an introvert it’s more likely that you were born that way.

Introverts brain

What is being introverted like?

Being an introvert means that social interactions drain you out. Unlike extroverts who gain energy by being in social situations introverts often need to recharge their energy by spending time alone after being in a social gathering. Introverts tend to avid small talk and engage in more deeper conversations. That is one reason why extroverts have a lot of acquaintances while introverts have a limited number of friends. Behaviorally, extroverts may seem to think first and act later however a better description would be that extroverts experience more and reflect less while introverts experience less and reflect more.

Introversion or shyness?

Being introverted is often portrayed as being shy. While it is true that introverts can be shy, it is not necessary that every introvert is shy. Shyness and introversion are two separate personality traits and though they can co-exist, they are not the same thing. Introverts can be confident too. Moreover, extroverts can be shy too. Being shy means being nervous and awkward in social situations meanwhile being introverted means that you prefer your own company more than social gatherings most of the time.

why being introverted is a blessing?

Generally, being an introvert is not looked upon as a good thing. Introverted kids are repeatedly told to socialize and spend more time with others. People who don’t talk much are often seemed as less confident and socially awkward but little do we know that being introverted is a trait in itself. Introverts are indeed a blessing due to the various amazing traits they possess. Some of them are;

They are good listeners

Unlike extroverts, introverts do not have the urge to immediately put out their thoughts into the world. Thus they are better listeners. Introverts are your go to friends, family, or spouse for venting because they’ll listen to you patiently. And won’t make everything about themselves but will rather help you after carefully processing all the information.

Introverts investment

They are observant

Introverts are more likely to silently observe people and situations and that is why they are able to read the room most of the time. They have a keen eye for people, their body language and emotions and often figure out things that an extrovert would generally not. Thus they are able to communicate and connect beautifully with others.

They make quality friends and partners

Since, introverts feel exhausted around many people they choose their company wisely. They would rather have small trusted group of friends than a large group of acquaintances. Moreover, since they are good listeners they also become good partners. They can communicate well and can know and give space to their partner when needed.

They make great leaders

Introverts can excellently lead people because of their traits of being good listeners, being observant and being thoughtful net workers. They highlight the strengths of their teams without themselves being in the spotlight.


In short, being introverted is not a bad thing. According to studies, 30 to 50 of the US population are introverts. That means that one out of every two or three people you know are introverted. Introverts socialize too and can speak out in gatherings, host events and even be CEO’s. It’s not that they hate social situations rather they get tired of them, so they keep them limited. The recent lockdown has indeed shown the world what being introverted is like!

If you want to find out if you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can take the introvert quiz and find out.


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