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Will america give Justice to George Floyd

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America is trapped in the chains of racism for centuries. Every day we hear how racism is affecting the people of color. A white gets a job sooner than a black man. A white American is paid more than a black American. A black woman will be looked down upon while a white woman will be praised. These are the sentiments moved in Western culture and thus many more examples are seen. And America never stops or tries to change its ways.


Despite all this, people know never to cross a specific line, a line that coverts this racism into inhumanity and brutality. On May 25, 2020, in Minnesota; this line was crossed when a white police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck and killed him. Floyd’s pleas of help ‘I can’t breath’ can be heard in various videos trending on social sites. He kept on begging to be released from that chokehold but the police officer paid him no mind. There was no shame or guilt in that police officer when he held Floyd under his knee.  And after a few minutes of this, Floyd went unconscious and when taken to the hospital, he was declared dead. And all this was broadcasted on various social media platforms and news channels.


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The very next day, all four of the police officers were fired to calm the riots down and to show their sympathies.. FBI and other Bureau of Criminal Investigations started investigating this case. People came out of their houses, protesting and demanding justice for Floyd. Riots were carried out. Police precincts and stores were set on fire. Many stores were damaged and looted. White people and people of color all came together and demanded the same thing, Justice for Innocent Floyd. Bbecause that’s what America was all about, a country for every color, a country for all creed and a country for every person who stands with the “star spangled banner”


Now five days later, the police officer was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Third-degree murder is when a man has no regard for human life but with no intent for murder. And the other three officers will also be charged accordingly. Despite all this, people are sad and depressed with the death of George Floyd. No punishment will bring Floyd back; nothing can make anyone forget this brutality. This act of racism and brutality will remain etched in the minds of people for years on.


If this was against a criminal black man, it could have been justified. But no, Floyd, was a 46 years old nice man, he was a loving, caring, and kind person. People called him a “Gentle Giant”. He was well respected in his community and worked for the betterment of his community and youth.  Everyone loved him. His fiancé and daughter only have good words to describe him.


What would have happened if it was Floyd choking a white man, would things still be the same. This is a prime example of racism and brutality. And this is not the first time this has happened. In 2014, in New York, a white police officer choked a black man Eric Garner the same way Floyd was choked to death. There are many more cases where black people are killed by white men and nothing comes out of it. Black communities protests and raise their voice but no one listens. And this will go on if America doesn’t change its racist mentality.

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As Barak Obama said, “If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to highest ideals, we can and must change.”  It is high time for America to change its ways. For those African-Americans who have lost loved ones and their jobs, who have to deal with the ongoing stress of a virus that can strike at any moment, how do you manage the trauma of loss and the terror of seeing another Black person killed by the police?


Even if you turn your head away, the images and the sounds continue to haunt. We play them over and over again. It’s part of ritual practice, a way the nation manages its racist sins. People declare their outrage. They, mostly white people, wonder how this could happen in today’s America. They cry out for justice. Or, as in the past, the likes of Fox News decry it all as the victimizing screeds of people who refuse to take personal responsibility. They defend the police. They condemn the violence. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And nothing changes.


Written by: Hooria Khan Alizai


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