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How Far Injustice of Humans can go?

justics for Zohra shah

In recent days I have seen so many injustice happening in my beloved country. And all these acts are sickening me. Yesterday pictures of this 8 year’s old little girl went viral. Zohra Shah’s crime was she opened the door of birdcage and let the birds fly away. Zohra was working as a house help and the bird belongs to the family who she was working for. And her inhumane owners beaten her to death. I as a human being want to know what was her fault? They would have done the same thing if their daughter was in Zohra’s place? That 8 years old child deserved this much of big punishment for freeing the birds?


I just wander where we are heading. This world is not a safe place for anyone of us. Most mind-blowing thing is the people behind these injustices belongs to a reputable families. Families which know what is right and what is wrong. But maybe that is what we think only. Why we look at our house help as low class people who don’t deserve to live? Why can’t they get equal rights to live just like any other human being? Are we not scared of God?


Pregnant elephant died in Kerela

Another inhumane act took place in our neighboring country yesterday. And that equally sicken me to my stomach. In Kerala, a pregnant hungry elephant was given a pineapple filled with crackers to eat by humans. It got burst into her mouth. In all that pain she was suffering from she didn’t harm any human and just went into the river to soothe her pain. And just died standing in the rivers. Just imagine how helpless she might have felt? She couldn’t even save her child. And maybe cursing herself for trusting inhumane humans.

We are just cruel human beings. There is a difference in being a human and human being. Is this fun for us? Whether its human beings or any other living things we have just forgotten how to treat them right. Why don’t we believe in KARMA anymore? Who will speak for the rights of Living things? How far we can go?


Written by: Khushbakth Khan

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