“A SMILE can change the whole world”

“Smile”, is a gesture that fits the condition of the most simple and quick thing that can change our whole day.

We do talk about problems of every day, one thing that may wrong happen, changes our whole day. So have we never thought that, may be a single gesture can make our day, when a single trouble can ruin it. No, we have never thought, as when we talk about, “you made my day, or that made my day”, at that moment we are talking about multiple things, an ideal dreamy standard of happiness. When we have set standards for happiness then shouldn’t there be set of standards for grieving over something bad. There must be set of standards for considering something worst.

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After the worst happen, and when there is nothing to make it right, then we are in wait of something exclusive to happen to be happy enough or to get our selves pulled out of that.

And in wait of that magnificent imagination to  happen, we get indulged in that  grieve more and more. The feeling of frustration increases every single moment and this feeling brings devastated such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders etc. The situation of being emotionally unfit can lead to make us physically unfit. The physical unfitness that can hit us because of such situations are heart attack, blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders etc. And we know that ultimately these are leading causes of death.

Considering these fact’s, you may get anxious and worried that what you may do to get rid of the grieve in a simple way from heart and in a mean time. So, what I am going to do is to open a new fact, a really amazing fact with you. The solution of this huge problem lies in just a single gesture, pure gesture of about 0.00000001 seconds indeed. Yes, this may seem quite impossible but thats true. With this single gesture,  you can feel good, the people around you can feel good, and your day or the day of others would be good enough. Most importantly, we talked about a simple and easiest thing, so this gesture is perfect enough.

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When we are going through a bad day or a bad situation so obvious we are not smiling at that moment, but if some one gives a smile to us and we look at this peace full gesture and this single gesture brings a change in our hormonal system. Having a look at such a eyecatcing sight our body fills with dopamine. The release of dopamine keeps our emotional and physical system stable for a better and healthy life.

A single smile can change the life of an individual, we never know what a man is going through or what he may be facing, but if we keeps a smile on our face that can change the whole moment for a person and eventually can change his whole life. A smile can also change the future of multiple industries around the world. When the employees are working under a load of work with low energy. But their boss just pass by and asks with a smile, ” How much more is left”, this may seems nothing much.


And the boss is asking about the work but that smile he gave can boost the energy of employees. And this energy can change the future of the industry. If all the industries and companies learn this act so the “World can change with a single Smile”.

This act of kindness and profound change is what I experienced out two hours ago, and sharing it with you all.

When I woke up and there was a hustle and bustle going around my home, my mood and energy was so low. Actually, the dark sight’s of my inside were reflecting back at me hard. At that moment, my mom told me to give a newspaper to our maid. And when I was handing over that newspaper, I looked  at her face. And at that moment my whole mood changed. More importantly, my view about my dark sight’s of life started to reflect at me with a bright future. That single look has filled my self with a hope, and you know a hope is everything to live a life.

The only thing I looked at was, her “smile”. The  curve on her lips, seems a physical change in her personality for a while. But this physical change, changed a whole day for me and this change in day has opened up a new path towards life. Similarly, it can for you too and for the whole world.

Written by: Mahnoor Ather

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