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Encounter these Tips for Beauty to be Yours

Beauty is indeed what we say beauty of soul and the beauty which lies in the depth of our heart. But if we talk about the beauty every one else is talking  about, then indeed beauty is not about fair skin, beauty is about having a healthy and clear skin. Sadly, in the world we are living today, healthy skin is like a difficult dream, a dream which had been destroyed by the air around us. The environment we are living today is not only destroying the beauty which lies in our heart but is also harming our health which includes all three health’s, e.g mental, emotional and physical health. The free radicals which we are producing in the number of millon, every single day are destructive for every living being and then particularly for our body along with our skin.

beauty home remedies

For years we had a constructive thought that beauty is all about the fair skin complexion we own.

Thus, then gladly the people on this earth open the vast doors of their minds along with their ears and had a debate, what the beauty is about. And finally, people accepted that beauty is about a healthy skin. A healthy skin is a beautiful skin and individually that’s what a beautiful person is about. “Beauty lies in nature”, everyone believes in this say. So how can we a have a beautiful and healthy skin? Yes, obvious through nature, and through natural products.

The current situation everyone is facing in today’s world is of course struck inside their homes, because of COVID-19. In this wholesome time, we have seen people doing different things, gaining different qualities, polishing their own talents, and even working on their own selves. Working on our own selves do means to improve our selves and most of the people aimed at achieving the shape of the body they always wanted to and similarly the skin they dreamed of. People believe this requires a lot of money to buy expensive products to heal their skin.

But let’s get back to the say, we all believe, “Beauty lies in nature”, so why not we should heal our skin, be beautiful through holding the hand of nature. Here are some natural remedies for having a healthy skin, which most of the people used in this lockdown and found good results.

Rice flour and Rice water:beauty skin care

Rice floor is a great thing if you want to have a lighter skin tone. It is mixed with yogurt, lemon, aloe vera and other natural things, to also lighten our dark spots or any kind of marks we get on our face. Rice water is a great toner for having an even skin texture and to get rid of acne scars.

Tomato, Potato, Cucumber, Peach, Orange, and Lemon:

These three vegetables, fruits are like a gold treasure, they are so effective in any and all skin problems which people of every skin type e.g. dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, combination skin  are facing for e.g. dark spots, freckles, open pores, dark circles, pimples, black heads, acne, acne scars, blemishes, uneven skin tone and dullness. Lemon do not suit everybody so it should be patch tested firstly. All these vegetables and fruits are applicable individually and like a mixture too.

Gram Flour:

Gram flour is a key ingredient to every natural remedy we do see. It is a gem itself. It is the best thing nature has provided us for our healthy skin to be ours with no doubt. Moreover, gram floor is best for oily skin, it gives 100% noticeable changes in first use. It is used with yogurt, milk, and the vegetables and fruits.

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Yogurt and Milk:

Yogurt and Milk are the natural ingredients which produce lactic acid, that’s the main feature we see in a fairness product. It brings a glowing look at all over your skin and is found in all the beauty creams. The different milks have different benefits as for fairness, goat milk is ultimately famous. While raw milk is used for cleansing. And yogurt brings freshness. These both are also used with all the natural things you can use.


Turmeric is an antioxidant which is the best natural thing to heal wounds and scars. It reduces inflammation and helps in lightening the dark spots. It is used in pinch amount but is so effective.

These all natural things can help you to achieve the goal of your beautiful skin in just number of days. Spending a handsome amount of money is not necessary. Just believe in nature, as nature isn’t harmful so are the natural things. Take some time for yourself and be beautiful, though beauty lies inside your heart but looking and staying healthy is everyone’s right so have your right today. A healthy skin owns you unless you work to own it. Start taking care of yourself so others can know your worth to take care of you too.

Written by: Mahnoor Ather

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