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University Students are at a Serious Hit

Lockdown brought a new hurdle of “exams to be held or not” for the government and students both. Slowly and a bit timely it got confirmed that the board examinations won’t held. And they are getting promoted in next sessions considering the threat of spread of corona virus.

The entry tests for getting admissions in universities got postponed. But the university students faced the hurdle of online classes. Online classes were started by some universities before the orders of HEC, then after the orders of HEC, the online class system started mostly in all the universities recognised by HEC. Just a number of universities didnot set up the online system and are of a view of offering this time as summer vacations.

While the student’s facing the online system in their belonging universities were facing multiple problems. Not only students were facing troublesome issues  but the introduction of online system was not only new for students but was also a big test for teachers. Both students and teachers were in a serious condition to handle the situation. The students complained the teachers about not getting a full understanding of lectures and tasks which were assignment to them. While the teachers complained the students of not completing the assigned task according to their need.

online exams

A series of how to accomplish the task of quizzes and assignments had been a big problem for the faculty of universities. But, the task got accomplished at an unsatisfactory level.

In the start of online classes it was stated that there would be no series of midterm exams, as the education system was in a belief that might be universities get opened later on, and they would be able to have a series of final exams in the universities. But, then students faced a new chaos of sudden announcement of online midterm exams. It was not easy for the teachers and the management of university to design the whole task, and taking fair exams from students while being at home.

Different set of plans were designed by significant universities to accomplish this task, in their own way. Some universities gave a free hand at some ends, considering the connectivity issues, and other technical issues. While the others designed tightened situation for the students, to held fair exams.

These number of series of quizzes, assignments, midterm exams and the addition of project’s, which were assigned in a way of creating documents or recording the slides which had to be presented.

This task had been time taking, and full of effort for student’s. After and along with this, students were facing hard times because of such difficult tasks, and then they were dissatisfied when they were not marked on satisfactory means even.

online exams

 This built a mind set of students, that universities are nor marking them fairly, and was not informing them the satisfactory reason’s for deducting their marks in courses for their own benefit. Benefits such as failing student’s, for gaining double fee’s, and not presenting scholarship’s to the other students.

Student’s have been blaming universities for the low GPA which they are going to achieve in this particular semester and for the overall low GPA in their program. Universities created different teams to ask the students about the problems they were facing. And even suggestions for the solution of  those problems. But, the problem’s did not get resolved at the end of students and so the mindset of students did not get changed. Students even did a number of protest’s against the online classes and in the favour of ban of online classes. They demanded for the ban of online classes. While presenting the issues of no understanding, no scheduled series of quizzes and assignments, technical issues. Which students face, no internet connection in tribal areas. But, nothing happened in the favour of students.

And now from this week there is a new hurdle for the student and teachers both, “final exams”. Many university students are going to online final exams from this week while the others will have from next.

None of student knows how this is going to happen. And similar is the case with teacher’s, they are not so sure of handling the students. Giving a full understanding regarding the paper. And further, the technical problems, if any technical issue took place at the end of a student’s site. Then how the submission has to be handled.

Similarly, like midterms, in final exams different universities have created different policies. Considering the issues in view along with the assurance of conducting exams in a fair way. For example, Arid University has introduced the policy of uploading the final exams of all the courses on one day. And students have to submit those all in a week. They have given a good margin of relief to the students.While Bahria University has given eight hours for the submission of final exam after the upload of the paper. They have tried the best to manage both the technical problem concern and the conduction of fair exams concern.

 In order to this, Capital University of Science and Technology has introduced a strict policy of completion of paper in two hours. And for upload 15 minutes. If some technical issue is there then the student is allowed to have one hour for submission. The students are so unhappy with the policy and are complaining about such a short time. And full gear of pressure on them because of this policy. While attempting the paper, which they are going to face.

All the questions and concern’s which students are worried about would be answered. After the completion of the task of final exams. They are worried about their bright future, but they are also tired of online classes and now are in wait of accomplishment of this task of final exams. And then to have summer vacations. Still, after the accomplishment of this series of final exams and then the declaration of result, students seems to be against the result. And the universities would have to face a new bad situation. But the universities won’t bother so the students would adjust and compromise like before. We just hope a better figure for our young nation, for the better future of our country.

Written by: Mahnoor Ather




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