we need people

 What We Need is just People, not Perfect

we need people

We all are talking about “Perfectness” everyday. Our want, our need is stick to just a single word called “Perfect”.

What we want to be is ” Perfect “, what we want others to be is ” Perfect “. Our standards are just related to one single word called, ” Perfect”. But has anyone ever thought what this perfect is about, what is the set of rule to be called as “Perfect”. Opening the curtain from the of this reality that, there is no meaning of perfect. Perfect is just defined as effort, effort to become better, effort to do better, or effort to change in better. There is nothing that can be defined as Perfectness in that definition which we have in our mind sets.

But we want the world around us to perfect. The mindsets we have, which just talk about perfectness has devastated our life.

Being in sake of having perfect, getting perfect we are loosing everything that we have now, and then are left with nothing. We are leaving our jobs, our relatives, our relationships, our friendships, our destinations in just search of an illusion we have in our minds. And then what we are going to get In return is just regret , lonely days , days full of sorrows and voices blaming at us from the depth of our heart. Perfect is nothing but a merely imagination.

People has pushed the world around them in search of a globe which could be perfect for them.

But what they have found in return is frustration and isolation. We do have such mindsets that if people and the world around us can’t be in a condition we want it to be then we can live alone. But we can not, we wouldn’t be able to. We just have to balance our lives, our relationships through sometimes let life to control and sometimes let us to control our lives. At times listen once or twice from the people around us and sometimes let them listen us. We do need them, no matter sometimes they may hurt us.

no relationship is perfect
Though, this is perfect. That at times they need us and at other times we need them. We see most successful and famous people who has achieved so much. But if we ask some of them about happiness, about satisfaction then they are quite, they dont have stories to tell us like they do have about their success. Its so because to reach the level of perfectness they were in need of.

Here I have a story about a writer from Lahore. She is a successful write, she has written number of books that are also available on Google. How her story was revealed to me is so sad. I was giving my mid term exams, I and my friend used to study over call. And in times my friend started to tell me about this writer who lives near to her home. She complained to me that, this woman is always frustrated and disturbed. She is not nice to any one in the society and becomes harsh especially when there are so much noises around. The noise of machinery working, the noise of people laughing in numbers and the noise of children crying etc.

nothing is perfect

She do stay in her home all the time, and she do say that she has a son upstairs and when ever people ask, she tells that he is sleeping. While people has witnessed that he do come around in weeks for a while only.

Her husband divorced her years ago and her current condition is pity full for people as they say she is in severe depression. She wasnt satisfied with her husband, her life, she has lost now. And being unsatisfactory from life, she is now just left with none.

I discussed this matter with a psychologist and she told me that such people just need people around them. They do live alone and pretend that they dont need anyone. But they do, they do need to feel important, they do need others to stay In contact with them. To make them feel special and to care about them. Is it so because we all do this, the word human, the nature with which humans are created, and the reason for which humans are created is this that we all are made for each other. To help each other, to be there for each other, to stay connected to each other and so much more.

Today, we have created so much advanced technology, but we still need people around us for us because thats what we are about. The merely illusion of being perfect and having perfect has to be shattered because we need “P’s” that doesnot mean perfect but people. And thats what we have to realize and understand.

Written by: Mahnoor Ather

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