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Your Life is defined by Just one word-YOU

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Life is unpredictable so is the world you are living in. You want your life to be molded in a good shape cake, perfectly baked, with all the balance of the ingredient’s along with a good decoration.

These all are standards are met when the cake is baked by our own selves. Then the color, the flavor, balance of ingredient’s, and the decor is a perfect match to what we want it to be like. So, when we want life to match the set of beliefs the set of dreams we have for our life, can only be full filled when we control our life, from the means which are in our hands. We need to put an effort in our own life to change it, we don’t need others to do that for us. As no body would do. This Life is given to us and we are the only one after Allah, to control it, to make it better by any means.

Life has two faces, the bad and the good. Ultimately, the bad face turns to us for long then the good one. It is about number of ups and downs. Sometimes our financial status is at crisis, then at times our relationship status and I think these are the major things in our life we are left with.

When any of these things topples down from their current status. We feel like our whole life has toppled over us and there is nothing ahead. And that’s the point where we lose hope. From where we start to complain, and from where we become unsatisfied to life. To us it seems like life is over, we don’t think like a part of life has just stopped. We have embedded our selves so deep in these two parts of our life. That our mind has shut its doors to thought beyond them.

everyday is a new day

Some weeks ago, I have been so much unsatisfied with my life, I have been so much hopeless about life and I was so much frustrated because of that current point of my life. All day long I used to just wrap myself inside a quilt and used to think what was life offering me, or what has life offered me with.

At that current status of my life I was also getting more frustrated because of my own thoughts and my mind was becoming a stubborn room of dark insights and beliefs. Similarly, it had been challenging for the people around me. The status of life which collapsed for me, was relationship. The people around me had been treating me pathetically. And my life had been so much connected to them that it had no other meaning. Being an own self, I found myself broken. While I was totally alright, my arms, legs, the collar bone and the back bone had been perfectly alright so I was mentally well too.


In this all specific time, dark times which I stick myself to, I discovered and opened up the window for my own self to let the sunlight in and to brighten up my life with.

For this, and in this phase firstly, I started to understand that what matters in life, what is life about. So, this life is all about “Me”, is all about “You” to you. Our life is a blessing which is bestowed to us by the creator of this world. And what matters in my life is only me, and what do I effort for. And for being satisfied with life what we need to do is change our own selves.

you matter

We have to do work on our own selves. Working on our own selves is what will push us towards a satisfying life. If you do believe that your life is having a bad impact because of the people around you. So still change yourself, make yourself better. When you will work on your self and will make your self better. Eventually the people around you will change and will become better. Well, its about that your thoughts will change.

Now here is the main question which stands in between our way to the path towards satisfying life. That what changes we require to bring in our selves. For this, if you are thinking that its going to be so hard, its going to have so many hard challenges like weight lifting so its not. Changing your self doesn’t means big transformations but small steps toward becoming some one better. This journey starts from the morning routine, start to wake up one hour early every day from your current timings. Add positive and energetic activities in your life like exercise, meditation etc. Briefly, you have to add those things in your life from which you are afraid, or you tell yourself that you can’t do it.

Pull yourself towards your dream, which is the real meaning of your life. That’s what defines you. Think out of the box, and a satisfying life is waiting for you at just a sight.

Written by: Mahnoor Ather

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