The flow of money in media stimulated by COVID-19

Rapidly Earning Money Because Of COVID-19




The reason behind rapid flow of money in the film industry is COVID-19, exactly, people around the world have faced and some are still facing lockdowns and compelled to stay at their homes. This actually made people find other ways for entertainment to spend their days and nights without getting homesickness.

The flow of money in media stimulated by COVID-19 netflix

Anyhow, this gulp of watching hours of movies has given a boost to the film industry. Movies of all genres have been seen in one state or another. Where we talk about movies it is compulsory to share the status of Netflix as well.

Well, where movies (category) got the huge interest of people in this quarantine Netflix also got its share. It was the biggest boost it gained in just 3 months of this year during the lockdown.  Around 16 million people have come to Netflix and became its subscribers.

Though it was the shallow thing that in such critical time where all major economies are drowning. The film industry got the boost, not any like ever before. If it comes to celebrities, they have got more chances to come in the spotlight, because they got the audience now.

The flow of money in media stimulated by COVID-19

Now at least they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs and status, they do like anything and will get the Projects (films) near after this because they got to face zero competition in general. As long as they got people to watch them there is nothing they are losing.


So COVID-19 has proved to be in the favor of the film industry.


Written by: Mahnoor Khalid

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