Charm in your writing

What will you lose after writing in a sequence?

“Everything have the two sides…..the one we see could be positive or may be negative”

Charm in your writing

It depends totally on one’s conscience ……. to be able to see through the things. Since I am taking writing into consideration….It’s somehow better to know the losses of this as well.  First thing first. what if you keep on writing in a same sequence, in a row and just keep writing after the same intervals…… what you will lose is the…..

1. Interest of your audience.

2. Charm in your writing (words).

Now, how it works right under your nose without letting you notice it on the right moment…. but you find it out after you lose your audience’s interest?????

The thing is when you write in a sequence you gradually start developing your focus over the “writing time” but on the same time the quality material of writing “start depleting.” The content title will no longer be the interested one. The life of the content will be shorten, because the quality is not reliable.

Like the livings and other materials, if words are not having such strength (to show your point of view through them), they will eventually lost or you can say they will die.

Charm in your writing

“The focus is what fuels the content”…. If the writer focuses on the time of uploading or submitting its content, he/she will rush towards the completion rather than review it before letting it upload.

So, in this manner the content can be easily vanished even if a writer upload it hundreds of times. The other thing is going to be missing in your writings will charisma, the charm, the suspense….. These are the things that needs the writer’s full energy and time.

How it could be possible if a person doesn’t focus on these characteristics of the content. And still wishes for its articles to be appreciated by others.

Yes, sometimes in some fields, regularity and scheduling, needs to follow up….. But brainstorming is what one can’t ignore in content writing.


Written by: Mahnoor khalid


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