MALEFICENT, Mistress of Evil (Review)

Maleficient poster includes Angelina, Beastie & crow

Who doesn’t love fantasies and of course fantasy movies?

 If you’re a fan of fantasy movies that involves action and adventure, Maleficent is the one for you. And well, who doesn’t loves Angelina Jolie? I did like the idea that Angelina Jolie was gonna play the infamous villain of Sleeping Beauty story as it was probably the best strength about the film. I wasn’t generally expecting a second Maleficent motion picture as the primary film had the option to recount to a story and close it off totally, with almost no last details left dangling/unanswered when the end credits started to roll. Be that as it may, because of the film’s rewarding film industry achievement (I accept), Disney chose to “return to” this dream story and develop its Sleeping Beauty mythos… or fairly looking “past” the notorious story.



However, There are a few of criticism that I do have with Mistress of Evil, which do keep the film down a couple of steps. Obviously, I really enjoyed the movie, yet it’s extremely difficult to understand the whole concept of a second part. Indeed, in simple terms, the motion picture’s creation just shouts unnecessary.

I’m not saying the film is terrible as there’s stuff to like about it, yet (like I said over) the first film was a remarkable performance, attempt to a proper story and finished such that felt complete without leaving behind some unanswered questions. Along these lines, Mistress of Evil basic feels unnecessary from beginning to end. Truly, there’s new material added to the fantasy and goes past the well-known fairytale, yet there’s actually no motivation to go past the source material.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent


The cast in Mistress of Evil is to be sure a strong one, with a large portion of the acting talents required on this film venture bringing a sense of “value” to their individual roles… . anyhow being major or minor characters. Normally, driving the charge of the film’s cast is the actress Angelina Jolie, who comes back to play the dark misunderstood sorceress fae Maleficent. Known for all her roles in Salt, Changeling, and Girl, Interrupted, Jolie was certainly the most flawless in the first part of Maleficent as she pass on looked like the iconic villain of Sleeping Beauty as the feature was intended to be a kind of “vehicle” for her to play around with in this new emphasis of fairytale.

Mistress of Evil keeps on observing Jolie having fun with the role of Maleficent by proceeding to play up the steely attitude of the character just as the notorious look of her. Like before in the first part, Jolie isn’t given much in “verbally’ say during the film’s second act as she’s more physically there than speaking the dialogues, which is somewhat confusing. It would be good if her character had more lines during these parts as it relates her character’s lineage to her people. All things considered, the character of Maleficent (as demonstrated from the main film) is progressively physical character of which Jolie embodies as opposed to one that emits speech filled moments.



Overall the second part is unnecessary but not so bad. I think people mostly watch it because of Angelina Jolie and that’s not a bad thing. It is a great movie but could’ve been much better. Anyway, different people have different opinions.


Written by: Sara Khan


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