Meghan & Harry And Queen




As we all already know about the big decision Prince Harry and his wife Meghan made, let me revise it for you.

On January 8th of 2020, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, posted on Instagram about their plans to relinquish their positions as “senior” members of the British royal family, split their time between North America and the UK, and establish financial independence. I mean it’s quite astonishing and surprising. Don’t you think?

Meghan & Harry And Queen

Reason behind this split:

There are so many sources saying different things about this matter, stating multiple reasons for this. It was reported that the Sussexes said: “This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born, while also providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity.”

But this is not a solution to protect baby Archie, well of course they might be covering up?

A friend of Prince Harry, JJ Chalmers, spoke to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland program about Harry’s choice. He told that Prince Harry’s decision came down to his priorities for his son, and that Harry was “a father first and foremost, and a husband beside that”.

Many instagram pages had posted that he decided to leave for Meghan as she was not being treated well in his family. At first, we were all so shocked and flattered looking at the relationship of these two. Like how a prince can leave everything for her wife. It’s quotes charming. But now it seems like everything is being made up to cover something dirty about the Royal Family. Oops!

Queen Elizabeth herself seems to be onboard with their decision, well that’s surprising?

The Queen said: “Today my family had very constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family. My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family.”


Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.”

Meghan and Harry


Another source has updated the report. It says that Harry and Meghan Royal Family’s bad blood for this split. It’s a pretty strong accusation to put on.

But according to People, much of the reported rift between Harry and his brother Prince William stems from some ill-received advice about Meghan Markle. William warned his brother to slow down the trajectory of his relationship with Markle. This allegedly didn’t sit well with Prince Harry, and resentments formed.

A source close to the royal couple told People: “This is not how they wanted to handle this, but Meghan and Harry’s hand was forced,” says the friend. “There is so much bad blood in that family – it’s toxic,”  adding, “If relationships had been better, things would have been different.”


It’s so upsetting to see how everyone started to force Prince harry about his relationship with Meghan. She might not be the typical choice but that doesn’t mean she’s a wrong choice. Does it? Can’t a Prince marry someone of his own choice?

Well, it means the instagram stories were quite relevant. People should let them live how they want to. And if that’s the actual reason behind their split, they should be supported by the public at least. They should respect their decision and how Prince Harry has took a stand for his wife. We don’t get to see this everyday.

Written by: Sara Khan

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