Mental Health Day 2019

Mental Health as the word suggests the health of mind, but it has more meaning to it. Every day we meet with people who say, “I am not happy with my life” or “I just want it all to stop”, when there is no one happy around us how can we be? And can we see our loved ones falling behind in their lives? It is right of every human being to be happy on his own, and for that UN celebrates THE WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY on OCTOBER 12 every year. To let the people who are suffering through their minds are not alone and there is hope for everyone. The purpose of this day is to let people know, it is okay not be okay, good days are coming their way. In countries like Pakistan where we say it’s wrong to go to a psychologist. Mental people do that. We are all somewhere mental a bit. Why not seek help when we need to?

National Level:

This is all what it says in the books. My question is in a country like Pakistan where there are a lot reasons for people to have depression anxiety and other issues, why is there no one speaking loud that we need to let all the depression slide? In a country where inflation rate is 12.5%, incomes are low and expenses are high, apart from them the individual issues. Though we are above India and China in happiest countries’ list, and it’s the happiest country in South Asia in march 2019.  individuals in our country are not happy with what they pit up each day. We live in a world where everything is uncertain. We don’t know the moment we open our eyes that whether it is good day or a bad day. Sure both are part of our lives. These erratic changes in our lives on daily basis cause a stress on not only on our body but on our mind as well. Things pile up and causes our mind to feel more stressed out than we are supposed to be.

There is a dire need in this country to be happy, to go out enjoy relax and have fun. A concert, a seminar, a play, a trip anything that makes you feel less stressed. What we need is a little time for ourselves. As I said there are not a lot of people that contribute to this. There aren’t any platforms to go and relax.( Well Islo Times is providing a reason to be less stressed. Check our page for how.) For us to progress we need to be happy individually let go of what isn’t worth our time and tears, and do what we love, not what people love.


As a youngster myself, there are a lot of ups and downs in my daily routine. Every day is a different day; it is either good or bad in its own context. Everything is so heightened that it fries my brains. We say that we don’t contribute to the society by doing nothing. We are always contributing towards them. Vibes are real. They say it’s the process that nurtures you for future but believe me future isn’t any easier. It’ll just make us stronger for the next storms lined up. So interesting things ahead right? But youngsters just want this life to end, and this is the worst part of it all.

Anyone can have any kind of day, but there is a promise of Allah that He is with patient. It is really hard to go through all of that any person goes through, and it is okay, it will be okay. Mental health is not you being psycho; it’s about you being human. Everyone is imperfect and complexities of our minds, make our minds more complex.

Physical pain is bearable but the numbness of mind, it causes the realities to alter, and the people that experience

this are mostly youngsters and teenagers, the future of any country us! A study says out of one out 5 young people are not happy in their lives. That one individual is not affected alone but everyone that surrounds him. Mental Health is important as the physical health, from this platform I say to everyone to seek help, help is real, hope is real.

Last words:

So what is the crux of it? I would end by saying some things. There is a lot of depression and anxiety but we need to be happy on our own. It is all solution to all problems. For youngsters your life is not yours, it is precious to everyone around you. For your problems to vanish you should communicate. When we start Communicating, things sort themselves out and what we can’t think, maybe two minds can do good work. There is supposed to be government role here as well, awareness to needed to let people know what they are dealing with. Find your happiness and take out time for yourself and things will get better.

By: Raazia Tauqir

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