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I have always been very positive about whatever i did in my life. When I was growing up, I hardly used to cook. However, when I got married, I used to spend large amounts of time cooking . Intially, when i started posting some of my house chores stories on the social media i used to get a lot degrading comments such as “look at her what kind of family she has married into”, “she has no life and just lives in the kitchen”, who does she think she is, no one will watch her videos”. These comments were very hurtful and at the beginning I used to get very upset upon reading them. I felt shocked that people would try and demotivate someone just because he/she didn’t come from a ‘’higher class’’ family. They used to make fun of me saying, ‘’your videos are a crap”, how sad is that our society always shows hatred.

Even though I came across a lot of negative comments but still i remained to focus on the good and ignore the negativity. I believe everyone should be positive and with a positive frame of mind you can achieve anything. When i got married, i would never have imagined having such a great fan base. The best thing that helped me was always being positive and having faith in Allah. Now, I’m lucky to have a brilliant fan following and family who always keeps me motivated.

It is ironic because the same people who criticised me initially about my content are now doing the exactly as i did. What I say is stop criticism instead help people who are inexperienced. It’s most important that you surround yourself with positivity always, and have it in your mind at all times. Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.


  1. No doubt this lady has another kinda charm ❤ The way she transfer her positivity and her energy is just love ❤ She has another level of generosity ❤ The way she motivates anyone can get lost into her ❤ In this pandemic we need this positive energy to encourage ourselves n she did it so beautifully we can’t thank her enough for this ❤ we love u merium ❤ You deserve much more than this ❤ loads ov love n prayers for u emaan and ur family ❤ May Allah Bless u with more or Emaan k naseeb bht achy kren ❤ Ameeen ❤
    Love from ur nikki jayi fan 😄

  2. she is best best best besttttt bndi in my life…..♥️😘😘😘love u shezadii api yun lgta hn jeena sekh liya ap sy mashAllah Allah sary jaha ke khsuain Aata farmy ap ko ameen millions of love mri jan api

  3. You are a true motivation for me. Your videos are changing my mind set and increasing my peace level and I’m getting more positive by watching your videos and stories. You are an inspiration for me and definately for many of us here. Always stay positive as you are may Allah bless you more and more with health wealth and of course with peace of soul and mind.

  4. Merium pervaiz you are love ❤️ Amazing super
    talented lady and multi tasker with so much positivity Mashallah!!
    May the blessings of Allah fill ur life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always..Aameen

  5. You are such an inspiration Maryam appi .Aapke baare me Jo bhi likha jaae sab Kam hai .You teach us everyday how to be thankful to Allah inspite of all the responsibilities .You always seem to enjoy motherhood whereas other girls become very upset when they come in this phase .I look up to you when I feel that things could be negetive .You radiate positivity .Thankyou for being yourself and inspiring thousands of girls. Keep shining .❤️✨

  6. Thank you so much Merium di for becoming a blogger!! I know it is very difficult for a house wife to handle all the task at the same time..but it’s MERIUM PERVAIZ she can do anything!!! Thank you so much for bringing smile on our face🤗I’m a big fan of your from Jalandhar(Punjab) Ohda meh nu Punjabi zada pasand nyi par jado tu c bolde ho na ehda lgda shehad nikal reyaa😊I just wanna say that May God bless you with lots of love and happiness!!
    Sending you a toh wala hug di
    Chehak Kochhar

  7. hey merium you are the best seriously. From when i started following you i never trusted or switched to any other blogger. You are amazing as human and your hard work is in front of everyone. My most favorite part is Emaan. She is my jaanu, she is super cute MASHALLAH. I wish i could get chance to meet her someday. Maybe you won’t believe but daily i wait for her story. Her “wowwwwww”, “Ba Baye”, “Mamaaa”, “ituuuu”…. ufff cuteness yar. I feel um growing up with mano. She is my kaduu.❤️
    You are really part of my family. My mama also loves mano alottt.
    May God bless you and your whole family. Lots of Love💕

  8. It’s very difficult for everyone to ignore negativity or negative vibes we cannot overcome such kind of thoughts that are delivered to you by society you need a firm maturity to do so and you make it possible 💯 Merium api is such an inspiration for me no matter which field is it ⚛ lots of love respect and praise for her🔥 and she is always motivating others to play their own parts in their lives 🎊 all those who like her for them she is inspiration.🎉 she is laaaaaaaaaav🍓 she is ronak of our hearts and Instagram 💫 In’Sha’Allah in her upcoming content we are hoping for all those things that are necessary for our daily requirements 🥰 and praying that the YouTube will not be ban because we want her and all other youtubers to earn for their families 🤗 Really want to see you and all other creators to grow more🥰 May Allah bless you and your family with all His blessings 💞 Ameeeeeeeen🥀 This was small pack of my feelings and thoughts💌 Accept it from core of your heart💫

    Mehwish 🌷

  9. Hum kisi k qismat me likha us se nai le skty so i don’t know why people use such a harsh language for what they can’t do and what others are doing. Apka sakt lafz usky mun ka nivala nai le skta instead apka darja gir jaega

  10. After reading all this, i salute you that you continue your struggle. Positive vibes leads the perfect destination. Love you loads our all time favourite girl. Stay blessed, stay shine. Our prayers are with you.
    Moral: Never give up urself, u can do it.

  11. Merium api u are my real life inspo …
    I started Instagram just because of you log ago I wanted to but couldn’t ..
    Then I get in touch with you it’s been more than an year I started following u… …
    Hope so I read this comment. It could be a comment for u but for me it’s a package of love in sending u♥️❤️

  12. U r the mooooooost beautiful person ever……not just by face beauty u r beautiful by heart…..or aisy logun ki pakistan me bht zrort h hm jesy negitive persons ko postive side dikhany k liye……me apki bht brri fan hun q k apk andr koi dikhawa ni h na koi gror h fame ka……ap pyar deti hn tbi to apko itna pyar milta h ….God bless u all ur family…..

  13. Its lovely to see your struggle and your achievement and how beautifully you describe the criteria of life in last lines truly stole my heart❤you are a gem that this negative society needs to cure themselves 💠🔹️💎💖🌺

  14. You’re doing great ❤️ May Allah bless you with more more and more ❤️
    And Allah har larki k or Eman k Naseeb achy kry Ameen😌❤️

    Lot’s of pyar mohabbat apky liye ✨

  15. More powers to you sweetheart. You’re just love and please never ever quit blogging just coz of some stupid people spreading negativity. You’re doing great and keep it up.

  16. Really you are too good and hardworking salute….. Logo ka kia ha wo tou bht baty karty ha har kisi k bary me lakn waqai ap say bht kuch sekha bht inspiration milti ha Allah ak ap ko hamesha khush rakhy… Bs mjy isnsta pay and nai deti ap ko bht msg kerte… Shami_waqas user name….

  17. Very well said. May God bless you with happiness. Really appreciate and yes I watched every of your status, your YouTube video, and every article which contains merium parvez

  18. assalam o alaikum
    I want to say that this brilliant lady has inspired so many people.I learned that by giving positivity to others you can get positivity and thats necessary for a happy life 🙂 .I want to say thanks 🙏🏼 to her for being in our life .

  19. How did u learn cooking then and manage all your household tasks so good? Need some tips? I am also having a baby same age of eman.. Doing job.. So its very difficult for me to manage kitchen and other things… Before marriage… I did nothing except job 9 to 5… So kitchen cooking etc is like monster for me… Plz reply may be ur motivation makes me better.

  20. you’re great person…. i really very appreciated you….
    bht bht bht acha laga ke apnay himmat nai hari….Stay blessed… May Allah give more….!!! and protect ur self❤️

  21. U r very beautiful and your confidence and your faith in God makes u a better person. Oh allah bless u and makes u happy for your whole life. N I really love u 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  22. exactly ! very well said.. people always try to criticise and degrade other.. they will never let you grow… only thing thay will help is postivity and strong faith in Allahh swt… plus one should have strong determination towards his/her goal.. ignore the negativity and keep spreading positivity !!

  23. I appreciate marium pervais.. u r love.. really u such a positive personality which motivates all girls… i love ur work nd everything.. May Allah gives u more progress in ur life 🥰❤

  24. Allah always bless you and help u in every part of ur life…. Its natural when we doing something new everyone judge us with their perspective but good thing is we focus just on our goal ❤️

  25. Allah always bless you and help u in every part of ur life…. Its natural when we doing something new everyone judge us with their perspective but good thing is we focus just on our goal ❤️
    Keep doing whatever you want 😉

  26. MA u r such a. Sweet heart darling may Allah give u more succes and a long healthy life with manoo billy and and baba… Also. V love eman the same as much v luv u, Allah nazre bad sa bachay ameen

  27. Great your life story is a lesson for All Girls,Wives,and also mother good.May Allah Give more achievement in your Life.And you also says truth that that always transfer Positive energy.


  28. Nrgativity literally makes cancer grow inside the body….. so spread positivity, stay healthy and add gratitude into your daily life 😊😊

  29. You R such a beautiful and lovely inspiration for married girls and i m really very big fan of yours and your family stay Happy Shappy Stay blessed and keep posting joyful and mslaydar vedios 😂❤️

  30. She is very right. Because i am a new blogger. People usually don’t accept a blogger with usual stuff. I dont understand this thing that why people qant unusual and un nautural content. But yea merium is so natural and pure.

    I love her and want more blessings for her.

  31. Merium pervaiz sirf blogger hi nhi ye hm sub ki inspiration hain … Merium ko daikh kr hi hmn bhi hosla milta h .. k … sub kuch mumkin h … Just himat or positivety chahiye

  32. You r such a brilliant nd positive person i really love the wau you talk… Logo ka kam h baty krna or dosro ka dil torhna but ap just hm jese achy followers pe dehan de 😛
    I have the same family as yoy have..
    1 son who is 1 year old
    Mother in law nd father in law nd husbnd.
    When i look at u i always consider my self as u..
    Love u marium..

  33. U r such great bandi❤❤❤❤
    “Once u replace negative thoughts with positive ones,
    You’ll having positive results “.
    Which is damn true💯💫

  34. She is such a nice lady . With beautiful heart n thoughts. She is great. Realy mn esy dekh dekh kr. He kch krny ka sochny lge hn . Es se pehly mn kch halat ki waja se bilkul dull mind ho gae the. R esy dekh kr he khid pr tawjaa dena shoro ki he

  35. Wah appi kya baat kahi hai…u r the inspiration for all the girls out there or Allah apko or tarakki de or aap zndgi mein or kamyabi hasil kren..ameen😘😘😘

  36. Appreciated work ..❤️well done sweet bhna…😍khas m ap ki neighbor m hoti jewellery makeup to use krti raj raj ap sy ly ly k… Anyhow khush raho shaad rahoo abad rahooo… Hm tumry sth hn my love🥰… U r the first one jis bndi ko m hr jga follow krti ho of logo ko b suggest krti ho k idhr udhr paisy waste mt kro. bndi ko follow kro sb masly solv….thnku so much api k al apni family k sth hm sb ko time dety hn … Appreciation tu bnti h…❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  37. Allah Pak gives you more success in life
    Every person in the world have to face challenges but to come over them is fath in Allah and be positive
    When ever I watch your daily story I feel very realx. watching you smile comes on face
    God bless you

  38. Assalam-o-alaikum merium pervaiz. I saw ur 1st video about night skin care routein. Ur beauty and simplicity captured my heart.I had never subscribe any cannel on YouTube but u r the 1st person who touch my heart.I just love love love ur personality. I’m ur silent follower. But I watch ur every video every story on Instagram. People who spread hat just ignore them.they r like (jo khd to kch krty nae dosrn k kam m Kerry nikalty hain).be happy be strong ❤.stay blessed☕

  39. Allah bless you
    U r right hm agr position ho kar rahy ya kam Karyn to har cheez achi lagti ha har pal kobsurat lagta ha or result bhi position hi melta ha chahy der sy hi q na mely. Ya esa kehne glat na ho ga k insan jo bota ha wohi cutta ha ,

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