Naya Pakistan Meets The US!!!

Accompanied by a small delegation, Prime Minister Imran Khan departed in a commercial flight on Saturday for his official visit to the United States. During his three-day visit, PM Khan will call on President Trump at the White House on July 22 to discuss a wide range of bilateral and regional matters. Imran Khan along with his cabinet fled to the USA in a commercial flight instead of a chartered flight to save on the cost.

The cricketer turned politician received a rock star welcome upon entering the venue. The hall where the respected PM gave his speech had the capacity of 20,000 people but 30,000 people mostly Pakistani-Americans were there to attend the jalsa! It was a proud moment for Pakistanis around the world. The hash tag #PMIKJalsaINUSA is trending on the internet right now!! PM Imran Khan came as a ray of hope for overseas Pakistanis, they are made to feel that they are not alone and they have a strong leadership backing for them.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has committed to fully protect and facilitate the overseas Pakistanis and other foreign investors, in order to attract huge investments for the prosperity of the country.

The prime minster started his speech with the statement:

“I thank you from the heart for giving me so much respect today.  I thought that I will be talking to 500-1000 Pakistanis in a hotel. I couldn’t even fathom that I would get to speak to all of you in such a big arena”

During his speech he said:

“Pakistan was made on the basis of a massive dream, the dreams of two great leaders, Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. I want you to tell your children in the US what this dream was.”

This is the first time in the history of US that the biggest turnover was seen for Pakistani Americans in any gathering! According to them PTI has given them honest leadership and they vouch for them unlike the previous governments. Imran Khan has promised that he will make sure that the Pakistanis will return home in the search for a job and will no longer have to look towards the foreign countries. The PTI government also made sure that the foreign investment will increase and result in affluence of the country. They will give opportunities to foreign investors to come to Pakistan and invest there.

The overseas Pakistanis have put their utmost trust in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership and have very high hopes. According to them they are proud to tell the world that Imran Khan is their prime minister.

The prime minister concluded his speech with this note:

“23 years ago I came into politics. I said one thing and on that same note I’ll end address. I said that I have never bowed my head in front of everyone to date except for Allah. I’ll inshAllah never let my nation bow their head in front of anyone.”


The overseas Pakistanis are overwhelmed with joy that the top leadership is here to address them and their problems; they are not left alone and will not be taken for granted as they are important assets to the country. Here’s to Naya Pakistan!! Pakistan Zindabad!!

Huma Nawab

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