Pakistan stands 4th globally in Freelance community according to the stats released on 24th August, 2019. It looks good right? You feel proud that you are from Pakistan? Story is not that easy! The largest portion of Pakistan freelancing community is Graphic designing, which is around 40%. We make the world’s 9% of graphic designers and earn $1 billion yearly. Looks a lot? Our neighbor makes 24% of World’s Graphic designing community and makes $400 billion. Now that’s a lot. This figure is almost as twice the figure compared to our earnings.


Those of you who don’t know what graphic designing is, it’s basically every color you see online. It’s the visual representation of whatever you want to say. Everything can be presented graphically and this much modern world, we need people who can deliver whatever we want to say perfectly and captivate customers.


To judge the quality and quantity of freelance graphic designers of Pakistan a competition was arranged by Qpro. It is a community centre based in Lahore, which allows freelancers, designers, coders, digital marketers and ICT professionals of Pakistan to meet and greet each other at the same place. It is a place to meet like-minded people. The competition was named as “idea logo ka”. Where graphic designers from Lahore and nationwide were invited via adbvertis9ing to participate and show case their work, where it would get noticed. You feel excited? The company was too. As it is the biggest portion everyone thought results were going to blow their panels’ minds. But what happened instead was utterly disappointing. Below you will find how reality of our freelance market differed from what we read in newspapers.


The competition had following main objectives that Qpro was trying to analyze.

  • Mindset of people that provide their services.
  • Creativity that lies within the people.
  • Skill set Level, what they offer and what is.
  • Work Quality, the basic and most important factor that needed to be analyzed.


In order for those outcomes to be analyzed, something had to be done, in thinking os IDEA LOGO ka was born. The competition fulfilled its purpose and the results were though not satisfactory but were enough to make a deduction about the situation of real world. Soon competition was open for public, following were important dates for participants obviously.

  • Competition’s registration started on 25thSeptember, 2019
  • Registrations Closed on 7th October
  • Submissions closed on 11th October
  • Results were announced on 19th(Wow that’s early, I can’t imagine what it would be like for participants though)


The task was to make a logo called “Purple cow” for IT Trainng Company. Seems simple for those who know graphic designing. Panelists who were waiting for a fight or flight competition, included some great names from the industry, are ascribed & shown below

  • Awais kazmi from Venturedrive
  • Zulqarnain Ansari from Expertsdesk
  • Kashie Nadeem from RichCandidates
  • Ayesha Muhammad from Qpro


People of Pakistan are always eager to try something new, right? Jumping at new opportunities, as they did with this one. 774 people participated and Qpro received around 200+ logo submissions.

  • People who participated were around the range of 18 to 38 years.
  • Lahori people were 40% of the participants and 60% from rest of the country.
  • Out of which 68% “claimed” to be professionals, 11% beginners and 21% freshers. I’d say the mix is pretty balanced, so what was the main issue?


What was supposed to be a delight, turned into a massive disappointment! All they had to do was to design a logo, from the description. The logo itself was not the issue, the issue was something more profound. Qpro was shocked to see the results which included following reasons to leave your mouth agape. The picture shows everything in brief.

  • 774 registrations, 424 accepted portfolios only!
  • Out of remaining 350, 100 were unaware of what a portfolio is! You can always Google it you know.
  • Only 200 submitted on time. This is golden rule; if you’re late you’re out! The reasons of our lacking behind are beginning to show up aren’t they?
  • 60 were submitted late. The alarm is going off more loudly now.


  • Plagiarism was the most annoying thing ever, when you are doing something, be creative people use your big brain. 70% of the logos were copied, with just teensy bit changes.
  • 30% were acceptable. There you go, the creativity is just so farfetched isn’t it?
  • Not a single 5 star logo, even when judges were ignoring the mistakes. Not even one? That’s not so great now, is it?


There are certain reasons why we are lacking behind in Graphic designing industry worldwide. If freelancers do their jobs correctly, this may benefit the country as well, so why not look into the solutions of problems and contribute towards the country. Take the below mentioned points seriously and you might start walking from where you are standing. Some specific things that need to change if Pakistani Graphic designers want to be better in not only here but also in international markets.

  • Don’t earn, learn. Race for dollars instead of knowledge, most common fact.
  • Don’t teach us. Again learning is important, you learn, you grow you earn. This is the right sequence, not the other way around.
  • Shortcuts to execute the ideas, when everyone should know shortcuts only help one while using a computer only.
  • Not understanding the interest of employer rather trying to follow the trend given. When you can’t make the employer happy, not use of doing the work.
  • Non serious behavior, the issue of anything required from Pakistan. When you show that you want something, you work for it then you get it.
  • Commitment is soul of everything we do, when a person don’t make it up to that commitment things get complicated.
  • Relying in old skills and refusing to adapt new ones to do bigger and better wiork. After all this is your portfolio
  • Not thinking from their minds “if something is there why not use that” mindset, when it should be, “oh okay it’s there but I can make better” mindset.


If this is the situation things need to be done on our part and they need to get done quickly, or else we may fall behind and never catch up to the world. Questions that arises that if one can see far, are we getting anywhere when our shoes are torn apart?

  • How are we going to survive in coming years?
  • Is Pakistani Freelancing market getting anywhere to provide services in International market?
  • Are we going to be there to provide modern, creative, world class Graphic designing services?
  • What is the solution?


When people like the winner of this very contest Maaz Afzal (shown in picture) are present here in Pakistan, there is a slight silver lining. It means that there is talent but there is no guidance. Google may answer your answers but they are vague and they are “fix” like a robot. The way a human can provide guidance is much more subtle than “Google-ing” it. So in order to improve quality of work qpro is doing its part.

Qpro is a community where you can look up to if you are willing to learn while surrounded by like-minded people. When there are 40% Graphical designers in our freelance market, and quality is questionable, let’s try something to improve their quality. Qpro is doing its part. Freelance community has to have some guidance, because quite frankly its firing arrows in the dark.

WORKSHOPS: Qpro is offering workshops from industry professionals and our own panelists for various competitions. Go on and the one that suits you and jump in!

MEETUPS: As a blogger myself it’s kind of hard to find someone that do the same things you do, so attend Qpro’s meet ups find the people that are like you, make acquaintances with people that help you grow and learn in the way you want to.

COMPETITIONS:And is as we are in Islamabad, going Lahore may be hard for some so go on participate in the competitions and showcase your work, you may get noticed and become an expert. Now that’s a good idea isn’t it?


Our own national company, doing something for us, they are building a community that will not only increase quantity but also the quality of work. If any of you reader wants go ahead join the cause, spread your knowledge. It time to spread the word that with new opportunities Pakistani freelance community is going to ace the world! Head over to and see the things as described here.

Written by: Raazia Tauqir

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