Rose Gabrielle a Canadian travel blogger converted to Islam, and announced it though her Instagram on January 9th.  It is said by Prophet PBUH him that Islam is a religion of Peace, whether it’s outside or inside. This is perfect example of, “Who Allah chooses” and hearts belong to Allah only.  According the Rosie,

“Travelling extensively through these regions I observed one thing; Peace-kind of Peace that one can only dream of having in their hearts. The true meaning of Islam is PEACE, LOVE and ONENESS. It’s not a religion, but a way of life. The life of Humanity, humility and Love”

Rosie has found her path so we’ll just say, Welcome Aboard! “

Rosie’s Journey of finding Allah began with Huzaifa ubaid’s Pakistan awaits, where Rosie came to Pakistan for a week with a number of bloggers from world to visit Pakistan. At the start of 2019, after staying here for a week she said,

“Pakistan you have stolen my heart.”

Rosie travelled the whole country on a bike and stayed in country for almost a year. She went from Lahore, Northern Punjab, to Rawalpindi, Islamabad and towards the northern areas. Her journey took her to Kasur, where famous saint Baba Bulleh Shah rests. Rosie shared her thoughts

“Standing in that room, I could feel the intense pulses of energy. My channel was clear and direct. That there was no separation between you or I.”


She travelled to Multan Shah Rukne Aalam, the caption said,

“Aik Allah”

“In each of the Shrines I visited across Pakistan; I has been a deep enlightening experience”


Whoever Allah chooses finds his way back to him for those whose hearts belong to Allah are his servants. They always find a way to go to their origin, visiting Pakistan became an excuse for her find her path. It has always been said the Muslims that Islam is a religion of Peace. Rosie Gabrielle is just an example of those who are struggling to find peace in their lives. Every person is born on Islam as religion. Society and family change the way you remember Allah.

While she is getting tremendous support form Muslims around the globe, there are people who think that this may not be a good decision. Some people think that now she is among “Haters” she has to choose whether to follow Sunnis or Shias?

Some are commenting it to be a barbaric religion, who slaughters animals. Some say now Rosie will not a travel blogger, because its haraam, in Islam for women to go out of Houses. This attitude has gotten us no-where people!

The society that we live in doesn’t accept good change. This is an example for those all those non-Muslim who want to convert to Islam but can’t. Just because of the above-mentioned behavior of people. This revelation by this brave girl is a chance for those who “talk too much” to know that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN DEEDS. Please don’t put your nose where it doesn’t belong. Rosie’s decision is an encouragement for those who want to adapt to the light of Allah, do it, before it’s too late. This is a silent test. Spread love and care, not hate.

Written by: Raazia Touqir


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