how to deal with rejection

Rejection can be handled in right a way

how to deal with rejection

Rejection! Something that everyone dreads. It can be from a partner a job or even from a particular social group. Being rejected brings with it extreme emotional trauma ranging from severe depression to feelings of worthlessness in an individual. Rejection takes a toll on a person’s mental as well as physical health and can be very disturbing and difficult to cope with. However, it is not something that cannot be dealt with in a befitting manner.

As humiliating and upsetting rejection may seem it is bound to occur in most people’s lives during one phase or another. And thus it is extremely important that one should be equipped with means to handle it in the best way possible.

Ensure A Sound Mental Status

Even if you get rejected, don’t let it get to you! Yes, that’s right, keep the feeling of not being worthy enough at arm’s length. And no matter how overwhelming negative thoughts might get, always make an effort to have only positive thoughts about yourself. Do not degrade or devalue yourself in any aspect, may it be physical or intellectual. Work on your self-esteem if you have a negative self- image. Read self- help books to help you, look up different articles about coping strategies and follow people who motivate you and make you feel good about yourself. Remember, just because someone was not able to see the gem that you are, doesn’t mean you aren’t one!

how to deal with rejection

Stay Happy

Try to stay upbeat and happy even if you feel sad and deflated. Fake it initially if you have to because the philosophy of fake it till you make it is real. When you try and stay happy even when you aren’t, it slowly becomes a habit and comes naturally to you thereafter, without you having to make an effort. Do the things that make you happy, find joy and comfort in little everyday things like a nice cup of tea maybe. Even if you have to work hard to stay happy, then work hard, but do stay happy!


This is probably something that is the solution to everything that is not right. Exercise has physical as well as mental benefits. It helps maintain mental wellbeing and uplifts the mood by releasing endorphins which are known as the happiness hormones. Again, consistency is the key, so to reap the benefits of exercise one must stick to a daily routine.


The ultimate source of mental peace is perhaps mediation. It brings about harmon

how to deal with rejection

y and clarity regarding ones situation and surroundings. Gaining better clarity of the whole situation, results in an ego boost and helps to have a positive outlook towards life events in general.


No matter how hopeless the situation might seem after you encounter a rejection, remember, it is not ultimate. With persistent effort channeled in the right direction anything you want is possible. And don’t forget, rejection might as well be a blessing in disguise at times. Learn to have a positive mindset and look at rejection not as a closed door but rather as a redirection.



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