Stargazing in Hunza valley

The Stars & Starry Night of The Gilgit


Have you ever wondered what the stars hold? Whether or not they cocoon mystical creatures in their light? Are they as free as they seem or are they too feel slave to the laws of gravity? What lies beyond the mysterious sparkle we see spread across the dark night sky? What makes a star convalesce into a black hole? Have you wondered if there is more?

The Starry Night of Gilgit

It was 11:33 pm or maybe past midnight. I can’t say I recall the exact time because I often feel that during times of intense happiness or overwhelming sadness the whole concept of time melds in together with space and all you remember is that particular moment. A similar moment of pure delight came over me on a nameless road in Gilgit’s outskirts. The whole sky was painted with the colours of an unknown galaxy far away. And scattered across this mesmerizing plethora of colours were stars. It was as if someone had haphazardly thrown open a sheet full of these heavenly beings and they scattered around in the most orderly manner.

As I hung from the window of the car, I felt like I was part of that purple clad sky. As it seemed to stretch all the way to the end of the world. The skyline was non-existent that day as it had blurred with hues of midnight blue, magical purple, nature’s yellow and creamy white. The stars were so many in number that they seemed to trickle down the landscape the Heavens had cast for them. If only we could collect them in a jar and take it back to our mundane lives.

But that is the thing about memories. They can only be lived in that moment and cannot be captured.  Memories are so much like those stars littering the sky, they lose their essence if captured. We see all these beautiful sights and we try to capture these moments in our cameras and make edits to post the perfect Instagram story. But have we ever tried to let these precious pockets of time sink in? Don’t try to capture the majesty of stars or the vastness of the Neltar Valley in your camera, rather try really looking at God’s creation and recognize the purpose of why they were put there.

Written by: Shermeen Tanveer

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