Where is #SaveKashmir? Forgotten Kashmiris


Kashmiri protesters raise Pakistan’s flags to call on freedom.

In this age, we use social media as a form of resistance and protesting on online platforms has become more common than ever. Millions of people came forward with the #metoo movement and so many sexual predators were brought to justice. A similar movement, #blacklivesmatter, is taking the internet by storm. I think the way everyone has stood up in protest for these discriminated group is truly beautiful.

The hashtag has resonated to all corners of the world and even has south Asian countries speaking up against the long-held obsession with fairness in their region.

All of these events make me wonder about how human psychology works. It makes me wonder whether all our support is an attempt to maintain presence on social media. As Pakistanis, we picked up whatever hashtag came our way without truly understanding what it meant. We stood up in support of a group-being discriminated on their ethnicity and colour-miles away. This a group that is being assaulted and murdered by its own police force. This is a group we feel so deeply for.


How is it possible that we are not showing the same, if not more, compassion for a similar group that is brutally discriminated and diminishing just across our north-eastern border? Have Kashmiris not raised our flag in triumph while they were pelted and gunned down? Have they not yelled our country’s slogans on top of their voices, while they were driven out of their homes and blinded by the Indian forces?

Every year there have been reports on the torture, sexual assault, enforced disappearances and political suppression of the Kashmiris and yet we forget. Have we no guilt of those who call out our nation’s name despite being terribly oppressed. These brave group is living the most militarized zone in the world and yet they persist. I have only one question? I believe we need to strongly condemn these grave human rights violation and take the social media by storm. The world needs to hear the Kashmiri voice that the Indian regime is continuously trying to suppress.

17 September 2016: Kashmiri Muslims carry the body of Nasir Shafi, an 11-year-old killed by Indian government forces, during his funeral in Srinagar, Kashmir. (Photograph by: Yawar Nazir/Getty Images)

As the situation in Pakistan worsens due to the deadly spread of the corona virus, we are forced to retreat to our homes in fear of contracting the disease. This deadly pandemic is the last of the Kashmiri people’s worries and a recent update has forced them into an even deeper hole. India expelled the higher commission of Pakistan two days ago by putting allegations on two members of the commission.

By doing so, India has restricted all of Pakistan’s involvement and say in the Kashmir issue. At a time like this, it is extremely important to stand up and flood twitter with #SaveKashmir. The world needs to hear their voice and someone needs to answer to their suffering. When a slight skirmish happens between the arm forces of Pakistan and India, overenthusiastic citizens take to twitter to claim Kashmir as their own. I call on these same Pakistanis to step forward and this time, claim the Kashmiri cause as their own. This time I challenge them to stand up for Kashmiris instead of Kashmir.


Written by: Shermeen Tanveer

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