The Journey Of Shawarma From Syria To Pakistan

Pakistan is amongst the highest refugee hosting countries. Turkey tops the list while Pakistan sits at the second place. While Pakistan is not known for hosting Syrian refugees but there are quite a few settled in Pakistan, living their everyday lives without any discrimination in the Islamic Republic. It is often hard for the refugees to continue their normal everyday lives in a whole new place where you don’t even know how to communicate with the native as you don’t know their language let alone running a successful business. But as the saying goes “fortune favors the brave” some people manage to go against the odds and a living out of it. This is the story of a brave refugee who fled war in his home country and started a new life in a new country.

Meet Adnan Abu Amir (left), a Syrian refugee who brought the authentic Arab taste of shawarma to Pakistan and its people are loving it.

Abu Amir and some of his fellows opened the shawarma stall in 2016. Business was slow but steady. A few days after

the October of 2019 started, a video of his went viral when a man posted his video telling everyone about the authentic taste of his shawarmas. The short interview was in Urdu but with an Arabian accent. ”I don’t know how people here in Pakistan make shawarmas but this shawarma has an authentic taste” he said. Luckily, the video went viral in a few days business started booming and people started forming queues at their food-stall. The power of

social media helped their business skyrocket in a matter of a few days. Even the mainstream media like news channels were quick to interview the entrepreneurs form Syria. In an interview to news channel he said “I put the heart into it” which shows his dedication towards what he does.

The food-stall is in the capital of Pakistan, in the sector F-10, operating under the name of “The Syrian guys”.

Apart from the shawarma they also serve other items from Syrian cuisine such as basbousa which is a traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake. The people of Islamabad are appreciating their effort and even going as far as leaving good reviews on their facebook page. At the time of this writing their food-stall has 4.4/5.0 rating. Which considering how picky the people of Islamabad are is a very good rating. People are leaving good reviews, “excellent taste” a facebook user wrote.

Their efforts are praiseworthy and their success is well deserved as hard-work always pays off. Pakistanis have shown their love and support for their Muslim brothers and sisters once again with this gesture of great support for the Abu Amir’s business.

There are many shawarma stalls around town but they sell their own version of shawarma but if you are looking for an authentic tasting Arabian wrap, Do give them a try if you live in Islamabad or visiting the capital for a while for a traditional Syrian cuisine experience in Pakistan. you will not be disappointed.


By: Hassan Ali Khan

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