Hareen sitting on same seat as Prime Minister Imran Khan

Tik tok star in a MoFA meeting room – What are the odds?

Hareen sitting on same seat as Prime Minister Imran Khan

Almost 2 weeks ago there was news circling that a tik tok star entered the Ministry of foreign Affairs meeting room, not an ordinary meeting room but exactly where our Prime minister and Minister of Foreign affairs sit. Yes on the exact same seat. In Pakistan we have a High Power distance; the term means that an ordinary person can’t reach the higher authorities easily. The highest authority in Pakistan is the Federal Government where mainly due to security issues a common person can’t meet with the higher authorities.


An introduction – For those who don’t know:

Story told by her friend Sandal who came on Geo News, that Harem was there to meet the Foreign Minister but when she reached there he had already left. When Sandal was asked, “what do you think of her actions?” She simply said, “I don’t think she did anything wrong by shooting that video.” When an ordinary person can’t hold out a camera in public offices, did she do the right thing?

Hareem has a lot of pictures with a lot of politicians, and by the looks of it she seemed pretty confident while shooting the video, as she had no fear of getting caught. She did apologize but it was a bit too late. While interviewed by international media tik tok star said “they are for personal business and do not harm the country’s repute.” In this midst the higher authorities were being looked up to for taking action. When Shah Mehmood Qureshi was asked about what will happen to her after she had done? He said that we will take action and you will see it.

Indian Media’s role:

While events are constantly keeping Hareem in spotlight Indian media has got yet another thing to blame on Pakistan. The headline was displayed on almost every Indian news channel and questions were raised about the security measures in public offices. The song being played in the background was an Indian song, which added fuel to fire. (Well there you go not harming country’s repute).

Hareem Shah is famous now?

Hareen in Parliament House

People have different opinions but the most expressed connotations are Disrespect and Shame, even then this has raised Hareem shah to an overnight fame. Who doesn’t use the Tik Tok knows her and who uses Tik Tok obviously knows her. The recent video posted by Tik Tok girl is a demonstration of her aerial firing skills. Breaking yet another law! There are rumors of she saying she might expose a cricketer, haven’t been confirmed yet!

Some Ending notes:

  • Question that is being asked here is that. If a normal person has to find connections and has to go through a grind of rules and checks (and luck plays its part too!) to deliver his genuine concerns, How a girl who is famous on Tik Tok gets past the security details and shoots the video, where an ordinary persons’ camera is asked to be turned off and if seen can be confiscated.
  • The young generation on social media always looking for something to stay in the spotlight, and sometimes things might get just a little out of hand. In this case the video has got Indian media to talk about our problems when they have their own issues to deal with.
  • And last but not the least the rules and regulations made for us the public are applicable on every one, and anyone. Even on the ones who have connections with the people in the national assembly. If she was punished for the first incident, the recent video would not have happened and both are serious violations of law.

What will be the action taken by government to send a message to law breakers as the Minister for Foreign minister said, and will we see it? Let us know below.


Written by: Raazia Tauqir

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