Top 11 Restaurants in Karachi

Karachi is not only the biggest city of Pakistan; it is also one of the biggest cities in the world with a population of more than 27 million people and with a vast area. Karachi could never fail to surprise you.  It is very multi-cultured city as so many kinds of people belonging to different ethnicity, languages and cultures are living in it. The best thing about Karachi is that it has various places for tourists and Karachi will never disappoint you in terms of its beauty. Although, there are hundreds of parks in Karachi but here we will tell you about top 11 restaurants of Karachi which you should visit if you want to enjoy some tasty and delicious food.


Located at Beach Avenue in DHA Phase 8, the restaurant which is always hosting large crowds offers predominately Pakistani food along with Afghani and Middle- Eastern cuisine. Kolachi is one of the top 11 Restaurants in Karachi with 695 reviews and a rating of 4.5, Kolachi is Karachi’s top restaurant. It is considered as the true holy home of tikka and it is a must place visit for you as it has been rated as excellent by top contributors.

BBQ Tonight:

BBQ Tonight is one of the Top 11 Restaurants in Karachi. BBQ Tonight is present on number 2 on the list with 705 reviews. Also rated 4.5, it is lauded be users as the “pride of Karachi”. It is in Block 5 of Clifton and it is undoubtedly the most popular Pakistani restaurant with branches in Dubai, Singapore, Oman, Jeddah and Malaysia as well as across Pakistan.


Okra is one of the Top 11 Restaurants in Karachi comes in at number 3 with rating of 4.5 and 174 reviews. In the most recent review, it is reviewed as a “must-try for all”. Most users had rated the places as excellent including a foodie who thinks Okra is “a potential Michelin eatery”. It is located on 10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama. Okra offers Mediterranean cuisine.


Sakura ranks number 4 on the list. It serves the best Japanese food in Pakistan. Located inside Pearl Continental Hotel on Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Sakura offers perhaps the most loved Japanese food of the city.

Café Aylanto:

Ranking on number 5 on the list is Café Aylanto. Nearly 100 out of the 139 reviews are very good for the eatery. Located in Block 4, Clifton, Café Aylanto offers Mediterranean and European food. It is one of the popular restaurants in Pakistan. It is certified in excellence and nothing else can be a better option than this. It has been designed to offer the best relaxed fine dining, with a capacity of up to 200 persons, guests have a choice of dining in the courtyard.

Suzi Wong:

SUZI Wong is one of the top 11 restaurants in Karachi while some people like to argue that the standard has deteriorated over the years, but user reviews negate that entirely. It has around 71 good reviews therefore SUZI Wong makes the list as number 6. Located inside Marriot Hotel on 9 Abdullah Haroon Road, Suzie Wong offers authentic Chinese and has been a favorite for decades.

Cape Flo:

Easily one of the most treasured eateries of Karachi, Café Flo was rated excellent by many users. Users applauded the café for persistently serving good food. It is in Block 4 of Clifton. Cape Flo serves French cuisine and has garnered many a dedicated patron.


Xander is one of the Top 11 Restaurants in Karachi. Just six years old, Xander’s makes the list at number 8. Almost always bustling, the café is a popular destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Majority of the 78 users who reviews the café rated it very good for food and atmosphere. It is Located on E-Street Block 4, Clifton and it serves European and contemporary food.


One of the Top 11 Restaurants in Karachi, falling at number 9 on the list is Dynasty. It is known for its good service and quality of food, that is why it gets most positive reviews from users. It is located inside Avari Towers on Fatima Jinnah Road and it is known for serving the best Chinese cuisine.

Arizona Grill:

In at number 10 is Arizona Grill. Users praised the eatery for maintain a standard in food quality. Located in Zamzama, the eatery is chiefly a steakhouse that has been a favorite for long time.

Lal Qila:

Finally, in at number 11 is Lala Qila. It was established on May 28, 1998. It is situated in the middle of the city on Shar e Faisal. Lal Qila has its own class and standing among the restaurants as there are few restaurants across the Pakistan which are showcasing and reflecting the classical era and heritage of our history along with fine dining atmosphere and extraordinary services. The restaurant is built in Fort like structure and they have maintained it quite well which gives you a classic touch and empire feeling like we are having food in Mughal Era.  The food which they are offering are Mughlai, Tandoori, Live Bar-B-Que and Traditional Pakistani cuisine.

So, here we have told you about 11 top restaurants of Karachi, which you should try once you visit Karachi. We hope this list will help you in making your trip to Karachi a memorable one.


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