Top places to visit in Karachi

Karachi is not only the biggest city of Pakistan; it is also one of the biggest cities in the world with a population of more than 27 million people and with a vast area. Karachi could never fail to surprise you.  It is very multi-cultured city as so many kinds of people belonging to different ethnicity, languages and cultures are living in it. Karachi is known as the city of lights and it has beautiful beaches and historical buildings. The best thing about Karachi is that it has various places for tourists and Karachi will never disappoint you in terms of its beauty. Although, there are hundreds of places in Karachi that are worth visiting for tourists, but here we will tell you about the top places which you should visit in Karachi.

Karachi Safari Park:

It is in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. It is a public funded safari park covering the area of zero point. It has a zoo and you can also take a ride on chair lift and view Karachi in an aerial view. The park also has two lakes. It is a privately funded amusement park. It consists of indoor rope climbing and golf section.

Masjid E Tooba:

Masjid e tooba was built in Defense Housing Authority in 1969. And it is known as the largest single door mosque in the world. And the 18th largest mosque with a capacity of 5000 people in the hall. This mosque is beautiful and has an eye-catching infrastructure.

Pakistan Maritime Museum:

It is spread over an acre of 28 acres. It has a large auditorium and several galleries. Thus, museum was based and built on the modern concept of education has several ancient art galleries.

Karachi Zoo:

Most of the animals are imported from other countries and collected from different parts of Pakistan. It has a beautiful lake for swan, ducks, crocodiles and alligators. The views are soothing to heart and if you by chance forget your camera you don’t need to worry as there are plenty of professional photographers that provide you with some best clicks at very low prices. This zoo is also known for its greenery and flower bed.

Port Grand:

Port Grand is the entertainment hub of Karachi. It has vast variety of food. It has a 1km long bridge which is transformed into Food Street and other stalls. This place is known for the best and delicious Pakistani food, so if you are fond of Pakistani spicy food, then you should visit this place for sure.

Devils Point:

Talking of good food, Kolachi is a famous restaurant in Karachi which has great food to offer and you can enjoy your food along with some breath-taking views. You will surely have a memorable experience at this place. It is in the Defense Housing Authority. The menu choices which are offered in this restaurant are terrific and there are vide variety of cuisines such as bar bq, continental, Italian, Chinese, sea food and Pakistani.

Charna Island:

Charna Island is a small island around 6 to 7km away from Karachi in the Arabian Sea. The main attractions of this island are scuba diving and cliff diving, so if you want to boast up your adrenaline, you must visit this island. This island is also used by the Pakistan Navy for shooting range. You can also come to this island for fishing as it has vast species of lobsters, crabs and other fishes.

Mohatta Palace:

The Mohatta Palace is a historical building and is a very great place to visit if you are interested in the history. Now this palace is a museum that exhibits treasures and other collections. The whole Palace is full of airy gardens.


Mazaar-e-Quaid is also known as National Mausoleum. It is the resting place of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This is considered among the most popular destination for the foreigners as well as the local people. It has a great architecture and was built by white marbles. This masterpiece was completed in the late 1960s.

Clifton Sea View:

If you are visiting Karachi for the first time, then Clifton Sea View is the best place to start with. Sea View or Clifton Beach is the main attraction of Karachi city. This beach holds the record of the most famous silver sand beach, but the sand goy affected by an incident of oil spill in 2003 but the sand still holds its charm. It is worth to watch, and family and tourists visit this beach 24/7.

So, here we have provided you with the list of top places which you should visit in Karachi. We hope this list will help you in making your trip to Karachi a memorable one.



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