Coastal Belt of Pakistan

The Coastal Belt of The Pakistan

As there are enriched mountainous ranges in Pakistan, our country is also blessed with a huge coastal line containing beautiful beaches and islands in Sindh and Balochistan.

The blue waters have a unique sensational feeling which makes you feel calm and peaceful. These places tend to provide the exact feeling of serenity when you walk barefooted on a sandy beach and the ocean wave’s rift through your feet smoothly.

The coastline of Pakistan is of total 990 kilometres and is further divided into Sindh Coast (270km) and Balochistan/Makran Coast (720 km). The coastal areas share diverse kind of terrain throughout the belt. In Sindh, there are green fields, creeks and beaches alongside the shore. As far in Balochistan, the terrain is rugged and extremely rocky and it consists most of the sandy beaches.

Some of the attractive spots in Karachi are Clifton, Hawks Bay and French Beach which tends to attract visitors or tourists to this side of the shore.

However, most of the people living in Karachi and the tourists are much keen on visiting Kund Malir Beach as it is one of the nearest and most beautiful sites. Kund Malir Beach is located in the region of Hingol National Park after covering the distance of 150 kilometres on Makran Coastal Highway from the Zero Point, it can be easily said that it is 3 or 4 hours’ drive away from Karachi. It is truly remarkable landscapes which tends to cover all the way through sharp rocky mountains along with Makran Coastal Highway and the beautiful Kund Malir Beach.

Alongside the shore, there are many stunning spots in Balochistan. Ormara, a small city which consists of a hammerhead just like Gwadar, it provides stunning views for sunrise and sunsets. Often in Gwadar, locals tend to go to sunset point in the evening with a cold beverage. After facing the heat of the day. As of today, Gwadar holds a major significance in Pakistan Due to its enormous port developed by the project of CPEC.

The two major islands which are a tourist attraction are Charna and Astola. Charna Island is located near Mubarak Goth/Village, Kiamari Town, Karachi. This island is often visited by tourists for multiple activities such as scuba diving, underwater photography, speed boating, jet skiing, cliff diving and many more. However, Astola Island near Pasni is not much visited by tourists as it is not easily approachable. And many of the activities are not performed over there.  Both of these islands are visited regularly by fishermen. As their work requires them to hunt sea creatures from shallow seas.

Coastal Belt of Pakistan

The coastal belt of Pakistan has the capacity and ability to attract thousands of tourists each year.

But due to some lack of facilities not many tourists tend to visit the south side. The locals also face problems related to drinking water, electricity and gas. Not many hotels or residential suites are constructed to accommodate the tourists. Only in Karachi and Gwadar, these facilities are available. But a lot of the places along the shore still require certain development.

Like the northern side, the south side is also a gem for Pakistan. With the right strategy and development programs, the coastline can also prove to be a heavenly place. For those who are sea lovers and like to witness the endless vibe of an ocean.


Written by: Zawar Sheikh


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