sea view

A Trip to the Beach

The road to the beach became increasingly rough as we neared to our destination. Once out of the coaster, the roaring of the waves became audible and the salty scent of the seawater wafted around, embracing the rocky coast.

beach view

We headed towards the shoreline of the beach and finally the sea came into view. It was a vast, endless mass of blue with no boundaries to define its limits. It stretched far wide and held an aura of grandeur and magnificence. At the father distance from beyond which the human eye surrendered, lied a faint line where the sea and sky melted as one.

What was further enchanting was that in the belly of this ocean dwelled creatures and unexplored kingdoms; there resided mysteries and secrets that robbed humans to call themselves completely knowledgeable about their planet. The sea was more than just an endless area covered by water; it was a story; another world that held its own untouched beauty. It was vulnerable but at the same time it was deadly.

sea view

 Throughout centuries it had seduced men to come to her and captivated them with its charm that people even spent their entire lives sailing on it and drowning in its endless depths, eventually at peace when the roaring waves engulfed them and buried them in peace.

When I stepped barefoot on the sand, it spread smoothly around and inside of my toes. It caressed and tickled my skin as the waves came and went, spreading them around randomly. The water was the most alluring as the season of high tide prevailed. Waves came and went with such ferocity that they seem to mesmerise you and left you in a trauma, dumbstruck after realising how much beauty the sea holds.

The waves crashed with immense force and then seem to take you along with them. When they went back, drawing away all the sand with it from under your feet.

The waves kissed the shore with gentleness and undefinable smoothness as they were two lovers. But the horizon seemed to be more drowning as the line where the sky and the sea melted as one was an even more pleasurable sight.

under the sea

At last the sun had begun to set and the jovial crowd Which occupied the beach seemed to decrease as the daylight began to dim. The roaring of the waves was the only sound that echoed throughout the coast. It became louder as the sea was becoming Wilder as the moon was ascending. It attracted the water with its gravitational force hence resulting in higher tides which were moving towards the land with a sense of hunger, claiming it as its own.

When you’re observing the sea, you don’t feel alone. The ocean is such an unbelievable entity, it seems to hypnotise you, and engulf you. The splashing sound of the waves soothe your senses and nurture your soul. The sea and its explicit view became embedded in my mind. When I still close my eyes, I can hear the thundering crashes of the waves and feel the deadly trauma of the ocean, beckoning me towards it.


The sea was surely an untold story that whirred a chaos of curiosity in me and left me dumbfounded.


Written by: Zeela Shoaib



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