Cats _ The Dangerously Unresistable Creature


What’s something that will show you several moods in just twenty-four hours, sit on your chest when it needs a comfy bed, poop on the floor when its ‘Excretion Suit’ is not to its liking and perhaps perform the most bizarre acts simply because it can?


Well, the answer is obvious to anyone who possesses these feline creatures i.e. cats!

Cats have always been a mystery to their masters. Humans may appear to be a mixture of complexities but these creatures are not far off. Cats exude an aura of elegance and charm although their haters would call it arrogance. However, it would be unfair to brand them as arrogant because these animals wear their fur as a cloak, obscuring all the flaws within and appearing as creatures who master elegance and cuteness in a way no one can.

Sometimes, they may perform acts that may test one’s patience. But when you confront them to impose a punishment, they look into your eyes wearing an expression of innocence, deceitfully melting your heart and earning a pat or two.


This two-sided picture has confused millions but it cannot be denied that cats indeed love their owners. And would express it by head-butting or showing their belly. It is their ability of earning love just by their existence which makes them unique.

Cats are not only admired by thousands of people today but they also have a rich past filled with respect and love. In ancient Egypt, cats were represented in social and religious practices for more than 3000 years. Cats were considered a symbol of good luck as people affiliated cats with good fortune. This is the reason why many of the wealthy families adorned them with jewels and treated them like royalty. Even more so cats were also worshiped by the ancient Egyptians! No wonder their pride touches the sky these days.

However, not all of the superstitions linked with them are positive. Most of the people are also led to believe that if a black cat crosses your path, something wrong is bound to happen with you. Similarly, cats are also associated with witches is not a very positive perspective.

Cats are, no doubt, fascinating creatures who twist your opinion about them with just an awe-glazed stare. It has happened often that people who show dislike towards cats often end up liking them the most.


It has also been proven that these creatures not only improve the quality of your life by their existence but also offer numerous health benefits. In fact, even watching a cat video has been said to improve your mood and on a side note, you should try doing that. Their purring helps a person relax and also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. People with cats also sleep better aka no insomnia.

Therefore, it is obvious that although dogs are considered a man’s best friend, cats are also considered the best owners of man. No one should spend a lifetime without living with a cat; even if its for a short while.


Written by: Zeela Shoaib

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