Good Food, Bad Food

Quarantine & selection of Good Food, Bad Food

Good Food, Bad Food

Quarantine has opened many wondrous opportunities for nurturing your suppressed hobbies. Giving time to what your heart and mind loves doing. However, it has also paved a way to unnecessary eating habits which has led to many weight problems.

Many people complain of experiencing more cravings during this quarantine perhaps because their mind is not engaged in any tiring activity. It is because it’s a fact that the percentage of working, even at home, has greatly decreased during the past few months. When people work from home, the atmosphere is very different from formal work places. So, it is natural for the brain to occasionally get distracted.

Hence, people have been demanding healthier yet deliciously satisfying snacks to ease their cravings because usually, one jumps to junk food and instant noodles which is extremely detrimental for health. Combining with no exercise or physical activity, forming a completely toxic routine with corona around.

Good Food, Bad Food

In such times, we should draw a clear line between good food and bad food. This has to be done to avoid making our health worse and to boost our immune system with all the nutritious goodies. Now many people would question, how do we make such life changing judgement?

Well, that’s why this article is a form of revelation. Good food includes a balanced diet accompanied by healthy snacks that are low on unhealthy saturated fats and provide maximum energy. Fruits are on the top of the list because apart from tantalizing your taste buds, they offer a lot of energy along with necessary vitamins.  Nuts, yogurt with berries and oatmeal are also some healthy and delicious snacks.

Along with choosing the right food items, it is very necessary to identify what you shouldn’t choose. In other words, you should know what your enemy looks like. Don’t get taken away by the saucy coatings or deep grilled makeovers; it’s just a trap!

Good Food, Bad Food

Bad food consists of a wide variety of deep-fried items, junk food enclosed in packets and overloaded with preservatives. All pastries and bakery items are also very hazardous for health. What makes these things unhealthy is that they contain a huge amount of oil which is an elementary source of fats. However, our body does not require fats in such a huge amount. Hence, all the un-utilized fats are converted into body’s blubber which can invite several diseases.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to be able to distinguish between good food and bad food. So that we don’t emerge from quarantine as oversize piñatas. Along with banishing biscuits, crackers and similar stuff, it is also crucial to maintain a healthy routine. Sleeping early and waking up early are the main components of a healthy routine. As your sleeping schedule has a huge effect on your eating habits.

By crafting a simple yet perfect eating plan, we can ensure weight control, and fit in our jeans coming season. Apart from that, we can enjoy all the heavenly benefits that accompany a healthy diet which includes a healthy and radiant skin, less pimples, and a stronger immune system.


Written by: Zeela Shoaib

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