The Flawed Pakistani Education System

The Flawed Pakistani Education System

Have you ever wondered why Pakistan is stuck on the same step on the staircase to success? Or why most of the Pakistani population is incompetent when it comes to participating and competing internationally? Or why students can voice countless rattafied facts in a rhythm but cannot attempt one conceptual question?

All these problems have their roots deeply buried in our current education system which, to say the least, is highly sub-standard and ineffective to produce scholars of tomorrow. As tomorrow isn’t something that will bear the image of the past.

The Pakistani education system comprises of several boards like the Sindh board, Punjab board etc. but these all wear the same mask of incompetence. Firstly, it is plain common sense that a person learns from books regardless of the fact that the book is teaching the right concept or the wrong concept.

The Flawed Pakistani Education System

It is a painstaking reality that many of the curriculum books published are lined with countless mistakes. Which can dearly affect the student’s knowledge. In addition to that, many books are made of substandard material. And fail to capture the reader’s interest by its physical appearance or the content written in it.

The second dilemma regarding this education system is that students are being lured to the wrong path by their teachers and coordinators.

A path where their creativity is buried deep inside. They are being taught things, some of them useless, which they don’t even know how to apply. True learning is when you accept something by heart and show interest to learn more about it. But sadly, this interest never initiates in students because of poor and bland teaching techniques. I mean who wouldn’t get bored when they only have to listen and not converse.

Thirdly, it is a tragic truth that Pakistan’s stereotypical mindsets also adamantly believe that academies present in every city and town possess a secret formula. Or a trick of some sort which their child cannot be deprived of.


Parents so firmly believe that colleges are useless in the face of academies because they obviously can’t have a faculty as efficient and intelligent as the academies. This preposterous thinking has influenced a major part of the population.

People still have failed to realize that colleges are more than enough if a student is willing to give enough attention and energy. However, students themselves are reluctant to do so and are inclined towards academies. Because academies make them sit in their lap and shove food in their mouth. Children know that they will be presented notes prepared by the academies themselves. Then all they have to do is memorize them twice before bedtime.

Who cares about grasping the concept when this much is enough to make the examiner think that you know all there is need to know?

This perception and way of learning is very detrimental to a child’s brain. As a young mind is capable of doing wondrous things and has a lot of creative potential. But rather than exploiting this potential and putting it to a greater use, it is undeniably suppressed under the weight of memorizing pointless things. To keep up with the competition. This inability to promote creativity and enable questioning eventually manifests itself in various ways in the society. Which in no way contributes to its betterment.


Written by: Zeela Shoaib







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