The Killer Mountain _ The Nanga Parbat


Nanga Parbat, that sits in the Himalayan Range, stands out from all the other mountain peaks. This is because of its challenging terrain and captivating beauty that allures mountaineers into climbing it. Even if it costs them their life.

Pakistan is a country blessed with numerous geographical benefits, diverse cultural ethnicity, a rich background of royalty. And riches and monuments and landscapes possessing great importance. It is flanked by the Arabian sea at one end. On the other end sit sky-high mountains and jagged peaks, creating a vivid image of beauty untamed.

Upon delving deeper into the north of Pakistan, we hear tales and awe-stricken details of mountains. And famous peaks residing deep into the mountains. Names like K-2, Rakaposhi, broad peak, Tirich Mir and countless others are common. When one shows interest in summiting one of them. As Pakistan has three varying mountain ranges present in the north, it also has a long list of mountain peaks. That offer a challenging geography and await a dare-seeker’s response.


Nanga Parbat, locally known as Diamer, is the ninth highest mountain in the world and is located in the Diamer district of Gilgit Baltistan. Nanga Parbat is also known as the ‘Killer Mountain ‘because mostly people don’t return from here alive. Reaching the base camp is one thing but a person can only successfully summit it if he survives the frostbitten weather, the jagged terrain and the surprise entrance of avalanches.

People who do manage to summit it are driven by passion. Due to which losing a limb or two accounts nothing for them in the eyes of victory. Getting frost bites or losing a frozen body part is highly expected. Because at such a great height from the sea-level, the amount of oxygen is significantly reduced. Being in an area where a lot of heat is required and physical exertion is on the rise. Topped with less oxygen creates a lot of problems for mountaineers.

What more presents this mountain as a voyage of thrill and gripping excitement is that the mountain does not allow everyone to summit it. It seems as it has a mind of its own as it has only allowed a handful of mountaineers to summit it. Even the most professional climbers sell their lives to the devil because of failing to climb it.


A more intriguing aspect of this mountain is that over the course of time, many myths have originated around this mountain which further thickens the essence of mystery. Often people have reported unusual sightings and encounters. Some even claim the existence of the famous Yeti to be true but currently no evidence supports it.

What can be concluded is that this mountain does have a mysterious side to it and surely has an enchanting aura and demeanor. People sacrifice their life to catch a glimpse of this huge mass of rock and ice. It surely attracts the eyes of many but allows only few to conquer it.

Written by: Zeela Shoaib


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